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Community and mental health services for Southampton, Portsmouth and parts of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.



FOI_1632_Settlement Agreements

FOI_1633_Accounts Payable Team Capabilities and Protections Against Fraud, Errors, Duplicates and Compliance

FOI_1635_NHS Agency Workers

FOI_1634_Treatment of Non-UK Nationals

FOI_1636_Pure Healthcare Group

FOI_1637_Vendor Arrangement

FOI_1639_Waiting Times

FOI_1641_Allied Health Professionals Job Planning

FOI_1642_Medical Informatics Equipment

FOI_1643_Number of Beds and Medical Devices

FOI_1644_Robotic Process Automation/ Intelligent Automation (AI) Technology

FOI_1646_Shared Service Data for Finance, Payroll, HR and Procurement

FOI_1647_Obstetrics Staffing in the Trust 

FOI_1649_Planned Care and Follow-up Appointments

FOI_1651_Commercial Clinical Trials

FOI_1652_Temporary Staffing Workforce Systems

FOI_1655_Organisational Chart

FOI_1656_Spend on Locums and Private Providers

FOI_1657_Agency Spend

FOI_1659_Spend on Office Supplies and Associated Products

FOI_1660_Thornbury Nursing Services

FOI_1661_AI in Service Management

FOI_1662_Tele Reporting Services

FOI_1663_Autism Waiting Times

FOI_1667_Sick Days Report

FOI_1668_Clinical Systems Information

FOI_1669_HIV Related Discrimination

FOI_1671_Inpatient Mental Health Beds Spend

FOI_1674_Digital Structure Chart


FOI_1678_Financial Spend of Agency Staff for Nursing, HCAs, Pharmacy and Therapies

FOI_1682_General Ward Monitoring

FOI_1684_International Healthcare Recruitment Campaign

FOI_1686_International Recruitment

FOI_1687_Multi-Functional Devices and Printing/ Scanning Services Contract

FOI_1688_Job Titles

FOI_1692_Framework Agency Spend

FOI_1694_Gender Reassignment and/or Transgender Guidance and Policies

FOI_1696_Trust Spend on Agencies

FOI_1697_Trust Legal Team

FOI_1698_Mobile Device Management

FOI_1699_Patient Information Leaflets and E-Consent Systems 

FOI_1700_Organisational Chart

FOI_1702_Mental Health Waiting Lists

FOI_1705_Car Park Management

FOI_1706_Agency & Bank Staff Spend

FOI_1708_NHS Agency Rules

FOI_1717_Correspondence Handling Data

FOI_1721_Agency Spend

FOI_1722_Organisational Chart

FOI_1726_Smoke Free Policy for NHS Staff

FOI_1729_Collaborative Work with Pharmaceutical and Related Companies

FOI_1731_Temporary Staffing

FOI_1738_On & Off Framework Nursing Agency Usage

FOI_1739_Guidelines and Policies for the Treatment of Obesity

FOI_1135_FOI_1096_2022_23 - Follow-up Questions

FOI_1136_Digital Leadership Team

FOI_1137_Suppliers Annual Spending

FOI_1140_Microsoft Exchange

FOI_1141_Digital Dictation


FOI_1144_Rapid Tranquilisation Policy

FOI_1147_Clinical Trials

FOI_1149_Nurses Leaving Solent NHS


FOI_1158_Sexual Harassment in the NHS

FOI_1159_Trust Statistics on Spiking

FOI_1161_Contact Centre

FOI_1162_Contact Information

FOI_1164_OT Services in Portsmouth

FOI_1166_HR Software Systems

FOI_1167_Strikes and Trust Use of the BMA Rate Card


FOI_1170_I.T. Services Information

FOI_1171_Printing in the Public Sector

FOI_1183_ECT Information

FOI_1186_Fertility Treatment & Support for Staff

FOI_1188_I.T. Contracts

FOI_1189_Reporting Rates for Adverse Events

FOI_1190_Sexual Assaults in Hospitals

FOI_1192_Pagers Within the NHS



FOI_1198_Drugs Charts and Incidents

FOI_1202_Diagnostic Centres (Not Held)

FOI_1207_Formularies and Committees

FOI_1210_Seclusion Policy

FOI_1211_Good Governance Institute

FOI_1212_Cyber Security and Patient Services

FOI_1214_EIP Waiting Times

FOI_1215_Estates Contacts

FOI_1217_ICT Contacts

FOI_1218_Diagnostic Centres

FOI_1220_Detained Mental Health Patients

FOI_1221_Datix Reports

FOI_1222_Cyber Security and DSPT Strategy

FOI_1224_Sexual Misconduct Complaints and Enquiries, and Outcomes between 2017 to 2022

FOI_1225_Care Hotels

FOI_1228_Integration Platform(s)

FOI_1231_Inpatient Mental Health Beds

FOI_1232_Trust's Spending on Agency Workers

FOI_1236_Food Provision Within the Trust 

FOI_1237_Talking Therapies and Alcohol/ Drug Usage

FOI_1238_Reports Undertaken by the Royal Colleges

FOI_1241_Languages Service Information

FOI_1245_Sexual Assaults in Mixed Sex Areas

FOI_1246_Use of Products Containing Chitin/ Chitosan

FOI_1247_Surgical Instruments Supplier

FOI_1249_Decontamination Management

FOI_1251_Social Media Management and Listening

FOI_1252_NHS Machines

FOI_1253_Leadership Enquiry

FOI_1254_IT Infrastructure

FOI_1257_Sexual Safety Incidents

FOI_1259_Complaints and Claims

FOI_1260_Mental Health Waits

FOI_1261_Management Information Systems

FOI_1265_Call-Off Contracts

FOI_1266_Agency and Insourcing Spend

FOI_1268_Ulysses Reports

FOI_1269_Visitation Policies

FOI_1270_High Intensity Users and Multi Agency Working Protocols

FOI_1272_Follow-up Appointments

FOI_1276_Contact Details

FOI_1277_Doctors Pay

FOI_1284_Pulmonary Rehabilitation

FOI_1285_Deaths of Patients Detained Under the Mental Health Act

FOI_1287_Staff Gender Identity Training

FOI_1293_ADHD Military


FOI_1301_E-Scooter Injuries

FOI_1302_Agency Radiologists




FOI_1308_Communications Cost



FOI_1312_Digital Social Care Record

FOI_1313_Respiratory Diagnostic Equipment

FOI_1314_Temporary Agency Staffing in Financial Year 2022/2023

FOI_1315_Backup and Data Protection

FOI_1316_Occupational Therapy Department Information

FOI_1317_HR Systems

FOI_1318_CCTV Maintenance and Support Contract

FOI_1323_Mental Health Trust Sexual Safety

FOI_1325_Adult Eating Disorder Waiting Times

FOI_1329_International Student Admissions

FOI_1330_Informed Consent Training for Doctors

FOI_1332_Menstruation Information

FOI_1333_Electronic Patient Records System

FOI_1335_Nurses Recruited From Ghana

FOI_1336_External Consultancies Around Digital Projects

FOI_1338_Patient Friends and Family Test

FOI_1339_Patient Administration Systems

FOI_1340_Pharmacy and Prescribing Function

FOI_1341_Sexual Assaults

FOI_1342_Patients Treated for OCD

FOI_1343_Digitally Shared Results

FOI_1345_IV Drugs

FOI_1346_FOIs Received by Solent NHS

FOI_1347_Structure Charts

FOI_1348_Email Usage

FOI_1350_Technical Informatics Solutions

FOI_1351_Electronic Patient Records System

FOI_1352_CAMHS Waiting Times

FOI_1354_Copy of the FOI That Was Given to the Guardian

FOI_1355_Copy of Medicine Policies

FOI_1356_Infrastructure Failures on Mental Health Wards

FOI_1357_Inpatient Suicides of Mental Health Patients

FOI_1360_Body Worn Cameras

FOI_1361_Nursing Research


FOI_1367_Buildings (Not Held)


FOI_1376_Translation and Interpretation Services Information

FOI_1377_Insomnia Pathways

FOI_1379_Trust's Official Policy for Sexual Safety Incidents

FOI_1380_Cyber Security

FOI_1381_Clinical Service Incidents Caused by Estates and Infrastructure Failures

FOI_1384_E-Job Planning Systems and Workforce Planning

FOI_1387_Knee Replacements

FOI_1389_Networking and Communication

FOI_1390_IT Devices

FOI_1391_NHS Trust Full Time Non-Clinical Staff Salaries

FOI_1393_Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete at St Mary's Community Hospital (Document 1)

FOI_1393_Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete at St Mary's Community Hospital (Document 2)

FOI_1394_Salary Sacrifice Scheme - Car

FOI_1395_ICT Systems Upgrade (Document 1)

FOI_1395_ICT Systems Upgrade (Document 2)

FOI_1396_Bank Staff Hiring/ Payment 


FOI_1398_Senior Staffing Contracts - ICT/ Digital

FOI_1399_Gift Card Spend

FOI_1400_Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

FOI_1401_Full Blood Count Tests in Chemotherapy

FOI_1402_Wound Dressing (Document 1)

FOI_1402_Wound Dressing (Document 2)

FOI_1403_SE7 National Patient Safety Alert ('NatPSA')

FOI_1404_List of Trust's Suppliers and Annual Value

FOI_1405_Medics Job Planning Software

FOI_1406_Bank Staff Payment and Benefits

FOI_1407_Trust's Budget

FOI_1408_Procurement Department Organisational Chart

FOI_1410_I.T. Department

FOI_1412_NHS Hospital Pharmacy Services

FOI_1413_Incident Reports on Psychiatric Inpatient Wards

FOI_1414_Translation and Interpretation

FOI_1415_In-patient Fee Rates for Mental Health

FOI_1416_Waiting Times for Adult ASD Diagnosis

FOI_1417_Details of Physician Associates Employment

FOI_1418_Waste Management Contracts

FOI_1419_Elective Theatres

FOI_1420_Mechanical Thrombectomy

FOI_1421_Managers Employed by the Trust

FOI_1422_Patient Safety Incident Response Plan (Document 1)

FOI_1422_Patient Safety Incident Response Plan (Document 2)

FOI_1424_Mental Health Waiting Time and Discharge Data

FOI_1425_Nursing Temporary Staffing

FOI_1426_Bed Availability and Out of Area Placements

FOI_1428_Organisational Structure (Document 1)

FOI_1428_Organisational Structure (Document 2)

FOI_1429_Proof-of-Concept Pilot with Doccla

FOI_1430_Organisational Structure

FOI_1431_Trust Budget

FOI_1432_Device Management

FOI_1433_Number of Clinical and Non-Clinical Staff

FOI_1434_Trans Woman on Inpatient Wards

FOI_1435_Imaging Systems Install Base

FOI_1436_IT Spend on Infrastructure

FOI_1437_Translation Costs

FOI_1438_Bitterne Health Centre

FOI_1439_International Recruitment and Agency Spend (Document 1)

FOI_1439_International Recruitment and Agency Spend (Document 2)

FOI_1441_Number of Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

FOI_1442_Ownership of Corporate Property, Facilities, Estates and Asset Information

FOI_1443_Overseas Working


FOI_1445_Remote Temperature Monitoring

FOI_1450_Gender Options on Patient Forms

FOI_1451_Patient Initiated Digital Mutual Aid System (PIDMAS)

FOI_1452_Framework Agencies

FOI_1453_Sexual Health Platform

FOI_1454_Wait Time for Mental Health Patients

FOI_1455_Unlicensed Medication

FOI_1456_Questionnaire About Vision Rehabilitation Services

FOI_1457_Operational Pressures Escalation Levels (OPEL) Framework

FOI_1458_Asylum Seekers Debt

FOI_1459_Patients Sexual Orientation Questions (Document 1)

FOI_1459_Patients Sexual Orientation Questions (Document 2)

FOI_1459_Patients Sexual Orientation Questions (Document 3)

FOI_1460_Clinical Systems

FOI_1463_Improving Medication Compliance and Adherence

FOI_1465_Organisational Structure

FOI_1466_Trust Inpatient Wards

FOI_1467_Trust Staff Religious Beliefs Training

FOI_1468_Stonewall Diversity Champions

FOI_1469_Management of Corporate Property and Asset Information

FOI_1470_Temporary Staff

FOI_1475_Correspondance from Stonewall and/or Other Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Organisations (Document 1)

FOI_1475_Correspondance from Stonewall and/or Other Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Organisations (Document 2)

FOI_1475_Correspondance from Stonewall and/or Other Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Organisations (Document 3)

FOI_1478_Bitterne Health Centre

FOI_1484_Vision Rehabilitation Services 2022/2023

FOI_1485_Translation, Interpretation and Language Services Costs

FOI_1486_Healthcare Support Worker Care Certificate (Document 1)

FOI_1486_Healthcare Support Worker Care Certificate (Document 2)

FOI_1486_Healthcare Support Worker Care Certificate (Document 3)

FOI_1487_Communications & Enquiries

FOI_1488_Clinical Waste

FOI_1489_EPR and MDI Information

FOI_1492_ICT Testing Practices

FOI_1493_Hospital Parking Charges

FOI_1494_ITOM, ITSM and Security Software Questions

FOI_1495_Nursing Agency Usage

FOI_1497_Anti-Embolism Stockings

FOI_1498_Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Sleeves Purchases

FOI_1500_Temporary Staff Solutions and Recruitment

FOI_1501_Divisional Directors in Medicine and Surgery

FOI_1503_Agency Workforce Spend

FOI_1504_Agency Workforce Spend 

FOI_1505_Orgnisational Chart and Recruitment

FOI_1506_CT and MRI Machines

FOI_1507_Radiology Information

FOI_1509_Permanent Recruitment Spend

FOI_1510_Trust's Spending on Translation and Interpreting

FOI_1512_Patient Transport

FOI_1513_Clinical Waste

FOI_1514_Human Albumin

FOI_1515_Energy Management System (Document 1)

FOI_1515_Energy Management System (Document 2)

FOI_1516_Nursing Agency Usage

FOI_1517_Systems and Services in Use at Solent NHS Trust

FOI_1518_Communications & Public Relations Spend

FOI_1519_Contract Register, Procurement Strategy and Contact Details

FOI_1520_Organisation's Gas and Electricity Contracts

FOI_1521_Job Descriptions Relating to Health Records

FOI_1522_Patient Portal Supplier

FOI_1523_Doccla Contract

FOI_1524_The Number of Referrals

FOI_1525_Bank Staff Contact Details

FOI_1526_Encorafenib (Braftovi) + Binimetnib (Mektovi) Treatments

FOI_1527_Mental Health Pharmacists

FOI_1529_Referrals to NMC

FOI_1530_Education and Training

FOI_1531_Document Management and Patient Related Systems

FOI_1532_Senior Responsible Officers

FOI_1533_Workplace Conduct

FOI_1534_Mental Health Deaths

FOI_1536_Transactions Over £25,000

FOI_1538_Trust Spending

FOI_1540_Sexual Assaults

FOI_1541_Learning Disability Liaison Services

FOI_1542_Non-Clinical Framework Agreement

FOI_1543_Benefits for Patients Transferred from Prison

FOI_1544_Support for Parents/Guardians and Children Awaiting Assessment (Document 1)

FOI_1544_Support for Parents/Guardians and Children Awaiting Assessment (Document 2)

FOI_1546_Ukranian Nationals Referred to Mental Health Services

FOI_1548_Menopause (Document 1)

FOI_1548_Menopause (Document 2)

FOI_1550_Alpha-1 Proteinase-Inhibitor (AAT) Usage

FOI_1551_Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services

FOI_1552_Joint Infection Services

FOI_1554_Softwares Used by the Trust (Document 1)

FOI_1554_Softwares Used by the Trust (Document 2)

FOI_1556_Sub-Contracting of Online STI Testing

FOI_1557_PALS, SHR and Task Management

FOI_1559_Information on Cleaning Audits

FOI_1560_Miscrosoft Audit

FOI_1561_Temporary Staffing

FOI_1563_ADHD Assessments

FOI_1564_Excluded Patients

FOI_1565_IT Infrastructure

FOI_1566_NHS Waste Management Net Zero Agenda

FOI_1567_Bank Staff

FOI_1568_Paper Medical Records

FOI_1570_Clinical Trials Landscape in Oncology

FOI_1571_Trust's Information Technology (IT) Spend

FOI_1572_Nurses and Midwife Referrals to the Nursing and Midwifery Council

FOI_1573_Portsmouth Medical Health Hub (Document 1)

FOI_1573_Portsmouth Medical Health Hub (Document 2)

FOI_1575_Digital Communication Tools

FOI_1576_NHS Car Parking

FOI_1578_Agency Spend

FOI_1579_Procurement Contact Information

FOI_1580_Menopause Treatment 

FOI_1583_Working Abroad (Document 1)

FOI_1583_Working Abroad (Document 2)

FOI_1584_Services from S12 Solutions Limited

FOI_1587_Deaths While Waiting to Receive Planned Care

FOI_1588_Trust Spending on Bank Staff and Agency

FOI_1590_Spend on Interpreting, Translation and Transcription Services

FOI_1591_Cancer Diagnosis

FOI_1592_Cost of Processing Freedom of Information

FOI_1594_A LLP/ Wholly Owned Subsidiary/ PFI

FOI_1596_Medical Devices

FOI_1597_Recruitment Agencies

FOI_1598_Nursing Off-Framework Spend

FOI_1599_Postural Tachycardia Syndrome


FOI_1601_IT Systems

FOI_1602_Longest Cancer Waits

FOI_1603_Angency Supply & Ethical Business Practices 

FOI_1604_Speech and Language Therapy

FOI_1605_Mental Health Emergency Department Streaming Service

FOI_1606_Waiting Time for Treatment While on an Ophthalmology Pathway

FOI_1609_Sterile Services/ Decontamination Department Information

FOI_1610_Spend on Private Inpatient Beds

FOI_1611_CAMHS Referrals

FOI_1612_Social Media Management Platforms and Tools

FOI_1613_IV Iron Leaflet and IV Iron Policies

FOI_1616_Patient Misidentification

FOI_1617_MRI Equipment

FOI_1618_Operational Theatre Technology

FOI_1619_On & Off Framework Nursing Agency Usage 

FOI_1620_Trust Policy of Nurse Associates

FOI_1621_Software Used for Estates and Facilities Management

FOI_1622_Psychosexual Therapies Waiting List

FOI_1623_Ophthalmology Services

FOI_1624_Organisational Chart

FOI_1626_Racism Abuse Incidents

FOI_1627_COVID 19 Testing Policy for Staff


FOI_0703_Patient Journey

FOI_0708_Energy Meters

FOI_0711_IG Team Information & Numbers of Beds

FOI_0713_Ensuring MHRA Compliance

FOI_0719_Workforce and Data Warehousing

FOI_0722_Robotic Process Automation

FOI_0729_Internal Magazines at the Trust

FOI_0730_Human Rights Abuse

FOI_0732_Local Care Record/Shared Care Record

FOI_0733_Tech-Enabled Virtual Wards

FOI_0734_Digital Communications with Patients

FOI_0738_Decontamination/ Infection Control

FOI_0739_Covid 19 Vaccines

FOI_0741_Fat Shaming Complaints

FOI_0742_Mobile and Telephony Contracts

FOI_0744_Ethnic Minority Groups

FOI_0747_Allied Health Professional's Planning and Medic's Appraisals



FOI_0756_IT Devices


FOI_0758_Patient Safety Specialist

FOI_0761_Security Staff & Assault on Staff

FOI_0762_Follow-up Appointments

FOI_0764_Data Privacy Compliance Tools

FOI_0766_Contact Details

FOI_0768_Covid 19 Deaths

FOI_0770_Mobile Phones Contract

FOI_0772_Contact Details- Catering

FOI_0773_Infrastructure & Data Storage

FOI_0774_CGI Contract

FOI_0776_Digital Information

FOI_0777_Sexual Misconduct and Assault in the Healthcare Sector

FOI_0778_Amazon Web Services (AWS)

FOI_0780_Digital Dictation

FOI_0781_Fax Machines

FOI_0782_Mental Health Treatment

FOI_0783_Psychological Therapies for People with Severe Mental Illness (SMI)

FOI_0785_Structure of Medical Records and Access To Records Departments

FOI_0786_Transgender Inclusion Policy


FOI_0790_Staff Networks

FOI_0791_Agreements with Code Operators

FOI_0794_Metal Health In-Patient Deaths

FOI_0797_Patient Absconded from Inpatient Mental Health Facilities

FOI_0801_Free NHS Staff Parking

FOI_0804_Enterprise Application

FOI_0806_Cable Ties

FOI_0807_Premise Assurance Model Solution

FOI_0808_Discharge Medicines Service

FOI_0809_Digital Transformation

FOI_0811_Physiotherapy Waiting Lists

FOI_0817_Number of Patients Treated/ ICD codes

FOI_0818_Facilities Management

FOI_0819_Guardian of Safe Working

FOI_0823_Microsoft N365

FOI_0826_Agency Usage for Sterile Services

FOI_0828_Financial Efforts to Promote Diversity


FOI_0834_Ligature Cutters

FOI_0835_Postal Service / Patient Communications

FOI_0836_Type 2 Diabetes

FOI_0838_Autism Services

FOI_0839_IT and Digital teams Organogram

FOI_0842_Microsoft 11

FOI_0843_Offensive Waste & Clinical Waste

FOI_0844_The Length of Time Taken to Get Mental Health Treatment in Children

FOI_0846_Unexpected Deaths of Service Users - 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022

FOI_0847_Mobile Phone & Data Contracts

FOI_0849_GP to CAMHS Referrals

FOI_0850_Complimentary Medicine

FOI_0853_CRM Devices

FOI_0855_Hard FM - (Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing Maintenance)

FOI_0857_Jubilee House

FOI_0859_Type 2 Diabetes

FOI_0865_Quality Assurance Software Systems

FOI_0868_Covid Booster Informed Consent Information

FOI_0870_IT Service Management Software

FOI_0871_Declaration Of Conformity

FOI_0873_Medical Device Training

FOI_0878_Sexual Misconduct and Assault in the Healthcare Sector

FOI_0879_Trust Systems

FOI_0880_Maternity Clinical Negligence Claims

FOI_0881_Benzodiazepine Referrals/Treatment

FOI_0886_Racist Abuse Towards NHS Staff

FOI_0888_FOI Statistics 1st April 2022 - 1st September 2022

FOI_0889_Staff Transport Services


FOI_0892_Wait Time to Access Mental Health Services 

FOI_0893_A&E/ Doc Management/ Digital Dictation/ Scheduling System Query

FOI_0894_Maintenace Issues

FOI_0896_Complaints Against Mental Health Staff

FOI_0898_Mental Health Patient Seclusion

FOI_0899_Structural Maintenance Issues

FOI_0902_Children's Play Services

FOI_0905_Medical Devices

FOI_0906_Mental Health Services

FOI_0907_Long COVID - Staff

FOI_0908_Virtual Wards / Remote Monitoring

FOI_0910_Technology Services

FOI_0911_ICT Contracts

FOI_0914_Mental Health Detainees - Autism

FOI_0915_Outsourced Radiology Reporting

FOI_0916_Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Spend

FOI_0917_Carbon Footprint of Medicines

FOI_0918_Endoscope Use

FOI_0921_Workplace Injuries

FOI_0922_Digital Dictation

FOI_0925_Rental Endoscopes


FOI_0932_I.T. Systems

FOI_0936_Primary Hip Replacement

FOI_0937_Clinical Insourcing

FOI_0938_Trust Information

FOI_0939_Respiratory Diagnostic Equipment

FOI_0944_Telephone System

FOI_0945_Trust Softwares


FOI_0947_Fire Information

FOI_0951_RAAC Buildings

FOI_0954_Expenditure on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity

FOI_0957_Electronic System Providers

FOI_0961_Cost of Producing Gender Pay Gap

FOI_0964_Suppliers and Name of Software Used

FOI_0967_Mental Health SAR Request

FOI_0976_Suicides in Solent NHS and CAMHS

FOI_0978_Suppliers of Languages and Translations

FOI_0980_Estates Maintenance or Repair Works


FOI_0985_Sexual Assault Non-Disclosure Agreements

FOI_0990_Chaplains and Mental Health Comments

FOI_0991_Digital Dictation Software

FOI_0993_Android Devices


FOI_0995_Dog Attacks

FOI_0996_Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training

FOI_0997_Operations Cancelled or Not Performed

FOI_0998_Respiratory Diagnostic Equipment

FOI_1000_Mobile Software

FOI_1001_Patient Systems

FOI_1002_Deaths and Suspected Death from Fentanyl

FOI_1005_Events Held Staff Networks within the Trust

FOI_1007_Operating Theatres

FOI_1008_Mental Health Inpatient Suicide

FOI_1009_Outpatient Activity

FOI_1011_Agency Details Sept - Nov 22

FOI_1014_IAPT Patients with Financial Difficulties

FOI_1015_Colonoscopy Investigations

FOI_1018_Video Consultation Solution

FOI_1019_Homelessness and Substance Abuse

FOI_1025_Epilepsy Treatment

FOI_1027_Medical Workforce Systems

FOI_1028_Cyber Security

FOI_1030_Sexual Assult within the NHS

FOI_1031_S117 Mental Health Act

FOI_1032_Bariatric Equipment

FOI_1036_Assults on Staff Reporting

FOI_1037_Telephone Contracts



FOI_1041_Medical Negligence Claims

FOI_1042_Local Formulary used by Solent NHS Trust

FOI_1045_Connectivity and Network Services

FOI_1047_Telephony and Storage

FOI_1049_Cyber Security Insurance

FOI_1050_Committee Meeting Minutes

FOI_1052_Telecom - Networks

FOI_1055_Technology Services

FOI_1056_Sexual Misconduct and Assault in the Healthcare Sector

FOI_1059_NHS Drug Expiry Costs

FOI_1063_Software System Providers

FOI_1065_Integrated Systems

FOI_1079_Pest Control

FOI_1080_Unexpected Deaths

FOI_1082_Infrastructure Information

FOI_1088_Minutes from Drop-in Centres

FOI_1090_Adult Inpatient Deaths

FOI_1092_EPR Systems

FOI_1095_Clinical Trials

FOI_1097_ICT Documents 2023

FOI_1099_Delayed Transfer of Care

FOI_1107_Number of Inpatient Deaths

FOI_1110_Printing Technology

FOI_1114_Sexual Assaults

FOI_1115_Integrated Data Platform

FOI_1118_Subject Access Requests

FOI_1125_Oxcide Monitoring

FOI_1127_Medical Training

FOI_1128_78 Week Waits

FOI_1129_British Sign Language

FOI_1132_Patient who are in receipt of medical equipment for use in the home and the cost of running these energy devices


Please see below for FOI requests released by Solent NHS Trust primarily for Corporate Service(s) in 2020/21:


Please see below for FOI requests released by Solent NHS Trust primarily for Corporate Service(s) in 2019/20

Released FOI 2019/20 for Corporate Service(s)

If you require a copy of a released FOI, please contact the IG team via email, quoting the following.

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  • FOI Description


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Our administrative and managerial centre is based in Southampton.

While our services can be found around various NHS locations in Southampton and Portsmouth (and surrounding districts), our administrative and managerial centre is based in Southampton at:

Highpoint Venue
Bursledon Road
SO19 8BR

If you require a printable version of how to find us including bus times, car access and bike info please download our leaflet. (Copyright of Highpoint Venue).

Central office phone: 0300 123 3390

*Lines open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

If you are a journalist with a media enquiry, please contact the Communications Team at:

0300 123 4156 or 02381 031076

The Communications Office is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.