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FOI_0730_Human Rights Abuse

FOI_0733_Tech-Enabled Virtual Wards

FOI_0739_Covid 19 Vaccines

FOI_0747_Allied Health Professional's Planning and Medic's Appraisals



FOI_0758_Patient Safety Specialist

FOI_0762_Follow-up Appointments

FOI_0768_Covid 19 Deaths

FOI_0770_Mobile Phones Contract

FOI_0774_CGI Contract

FOI_0777_Sexual Misconduct and Assault in the Healthcare Sector

FOI_0780_Digital Dictation

FOI_0781_Fax Machines

FOI_0782_Mental Health Treatment


FOI_0791_Agreements with Code Operators

FOI_0794_Metal Health In-Patient Deaths

FOI_0797_Patient Absconded from Inpatient Mental Health Facilities

FOI_0801_Free NHS Staff Parking

FOI_0804_Enterprise Application

FOI_0806_Cable Ties

FOI_0807_Premise Assurance Model Solution

FOI_0808_Discharge Medicines Service

FOI_0811_Physiotherapy Waiting Lists

FOI_0818_Facilities Management

FOI_0819_Guardian of Safe Working

FOI_0826_Agency Usage for Sterile Services

FOI_0843_Offensive Waste & Clinical Waste

FOI_0846_Unexpected Deaths of Service Users - 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022

FOI_0853_CRM Devices

FOI_0855_Hard FM - (Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing Maintenance)

FOI_0865_Quality Assurance Software Systems

FOI_0893_A&E/ Doc Management/ Digital Dictation/ Scheduling System Query

FOI_0894_Maintenace Issues

FOI_0896_Complaints Against Mental Health Staff

FOI_0898_Mental Health Patient Seclusion

FOI_0899_Structural Maintenance Issues

FOI_0905_Medical Devices

FOI_0910_Technology Services

FOI_0914_Mental Health Detainees - Autism

FOI_0915_Outsourced Radiology Reporting

FOI_0916_Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Spend

FOI_0917_Carbon Footprint of Medicines

FOI_0918_Endoscope Use

FOI_0921_Workplace Injuries

FOI_0922_Digital Dictation

FOI_0925_Rental Endoscopes


FOI_0932_I.T. Systems

FOI_0937_Clinical Insourcing

FOI_0947_Fire Information

FOI_0961_Cost of Producing Gender Pay Gap

FOI_0976_Suicides in Solent NHS and CAMHS

FOI_0978_Suppliers of Languages and Translations

FOI_0980_Estates Maintenance or Repair Works


FOI_0990_Chaplains and Mental Health Comments

FOI_0993_Android Devices


FOI_0995_Dog Attacks

FOI_0996_Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training

FOI_0997_Operations Cancelled or Not Performed

FOI_1000_Mobile Software

FOI_1002_Deaths and Suspected Death from Fentanyl

FOI_1007_Operating Theatres

FOI_1008_Mental Health Inpatient Suicide

FOI_1014_IAPT Patients with Financial Difficulties

FOI_1015_Colonoscopy Investigations

FOI_1018_Video Consultation Solution

FOI_1019_Homelessness and Substance Abuse

FOI_1027_Medical Workforce Systems

FOI_1032_Bariatric Equipment



FOI_1042_Local Formulary used by Solent NHS Trust


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