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Community and mental health services for Southampton, Portsmouth and parts of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.


The HEART Awards winners

Podiatry Admin Team

The Podiatry admin team consistently work hard to keep the service efficient and safe. Even with increased demand, they continue to be a hardworking and supportive team, demonstrating their HEART values daily with Teamwork and Accountability when completing their work to ensure patients are kept safe, communicated in a timely way with changes to appointments and seen in a suitable timeframe for their clinical risk.

The judging panel agreed this team deserved recognition for the wonderful job they do and for the standout nomination they received. The nomination clearly indicates how hardworking and supportive the team are and how they demonstrate our HEART values daily.


Colleague of the month, Graham Bowen, Principle Podiatrist

Graham is an asset and great role module for the podiatry team. He continues to provide support to the team when managing complex patients, especially for podiatrists completing their independent prescribing course. He embodies compassionate leadership supporting when people are struggling with the pressures of clinical/nonclinical work treating all clinicians fairly with the same compassion.

The judges agreed unanimously that Graham was a worthy winner. His infectious passion and incredible leadership shines through daily. He embodies our HEART values in everything he does and is thought highly of by everyone he works with!


Leader of the month, Marian Wilson, Liberty Protection Safeguard Team Lead

Marian Wilson has taken on board a fresh new team. Since she has joined the Trust as team lead, she has been instrumental in leading very positive change of delivery of the Mental Capacity Act training. Marian is a great example of positive leadership.

The judging panel agreed that Marian has clearly had a huge impact in this new role and is visibly appreciated by her colleagues. She reassures through change, is a great listener, and a fabulous support to all members of her team. This wonderful nomination makes Marian a standout winner for this month’s award.


Team of the month, Sexual Health Finance Team

Paul Halliday and Katherine Stocks have been fundamental in the work around re-procurement of the Sexual Health and HIV service. This has been a complex piece of work, with parameters changing, often daily, which they have continued to adapt to, working with speed, grace, and agility.

This amazing team had a very strong nomination, highlighting their ongoing hard work.

‘They are the epitome of swimming swans, paddling like mad underneath, but on the surface unphased, professional, and always smiling’.

This quote from the nomination sums up the team and how they deal with everything head on with a huge smile on their faces. The judges agreed they were worthy winners of this award for continually demonstrating our HEART values.

Leader of the month

Chantelle Wilde, Ward Manager, Adults Mental Health

Chantelle has gone above and beyond over the past few months in the absence of a ward manager.

The judges agreed Chantelle embodies the HEART values daily in particularly difficult and challenging times. Chantelle is a constant support and clearly offers guidance when needed to her team, her patients, and the trust.

The judging panel also said: ‘Chantelle was a clear winner, with a very strong nomination’.

Team of the month

Stoma Care Team Southampton

This team had a powerful nomination from a patient, it demonstrated what an amazing team they are, how they go above and beyond in their work making a safe place for patients to go, and how they are a constant encouraging support, which means so much to those who are worried or anxious.

Colleague of the month

Pasha Green, Charge Nurse, Adults Mental Health Inpatient Service

Pasha’s nomination was extremely strong and demonstrated very Clearly how compassionate she is within her role. The patient who nominated her explained how Pasha has ‘advocated for them and is her voice when they are unable to speak’ this struck a chord with the judges who agreed she evidently goes above and beyond every day and is a standout winner for this award.

Highly Commended

Wendy Webb, Bladder & Bowel Specialist Nurse

The judging panel agreed Wendy uses a fantastic holistic approach when talking to patients, she gains trust and in turn her patients open up to her. Wendy very clearly goes above and beyond in her role showing compassion and gaining a connection with her patients.


Colleague of the Month: Hannah Grunwell, Resourcing and Attraction Partner

The nomination said of Hannah, ‘Hannah is a true delight to work with. Her customer service is second to none and nothing is a struggle. As an expert in her field, she lives by the value of 'teamwork' to support others in the larger Solent team. Her tone and sentiment are always delightful, and she makes me feel like I count! I know others have a similar experience. A true colleague who treats people with respect and compassion.  

The judging panel agreed Hannah’s impact on the people she works with is what makes her so very special, her honesty and confidence and the way she remains so calm are some of the traits that make her HEART award winner’ It was a very strong nomination and its clear to see Hannah prides herself on her work and our values, and this is what makes her a fantastic colleague. 


Colleague of the Month: Rebecca March, Speech, and Language Therapist

As the only SLT in the team currently, Rebecca is working tirelessly to ensure that she is meeting the competing needs of her role. She has also provided training to the team on Talking Mats, which has been beneficial and well received by the team, is part of the implementation of the Learning Disability Strategy, as well as all the other aspects of her role.  

In her role Rebecca demonstrates Solent's HEART values on a daily basis. She is constantly prioritising her workload and looking at strategies to meet the demands placed on her, triaging her Clincial work to ensure that she is as effective and efficient as she can be, and maintains positive about this’ 

The judges agreed Rebecca’s nomination stood out. Her use of initiative and efficiency while under pressure as the only SLT has been remarkable. Her commitment and diligence to her role, echoes our HEART values and this made Rebecca a worthy winner. 


Leader of the Month: Fiona Garth, Communications and PR Manager

Fiona embodies the organisational HEART values and behaviours; and seeks to deliver excellence, sees tasks through, while helping, supporting, and developing others. She is highly professional, makes suggestions for improvement, but never forgets the importance of light heartedness. Making work a fun place to be. If asked Fiona would say "I’m just doing my job” but what “makes a difference” is the way she does it; the compassion she shows for others and her commitment and attitude. She is the most caring leader. Always thinking of others, wears her (Solent) heart on her sleeve and is just the easiest of people to talk to’ 

The judges agreed Fiona shows exemplary efforts and commitment to her work and the nomination was proof of how she lives and embodies the HEART values. Our values consistently shine through in her personality, all the while making a difference to her colleagues working day. 

The judging panel also said: 

‘Fiona was a standout winner, with a very strong nomination’  


Team of the Month: Isle of Wight 5-19 Service Screening Team

The four members of the Screening team provide an excellent service to children and their families on the Isle of Wight. They see children in school for vision and hearing screening when they start school, and weigh and measure children in Year R and Year 6. They have taken on extra work over the last 12 months as the Island has been part of a new programme for evaluation of the effectiveness on the NCMP co-working with The University of Newcastle with the MAPME programme. I would like the team to be recognised for their hard work and enthusiasm in all areas, from lively, fun and informative face to face presentations with children, teaching staff and parents to the organisation of appointments in schools, completion of all screening and NMCP sessions and accurate record keeping and data collection They are a tenacious and friendly team who support each other and are positive representatives of our service in schools across the Isle of Wight. I am so proud of them and would like their hard work and valuable contribution for children and their families across the Island recognised’ 

The judging panel also said  

‘This team had an impressive nomination, that demonstrated what a fabulous team they are, and how they continually take what they do to another level, demonstrating the HEART values and making a difference to everyone they are in contact with. The panel agreed this award will go a long way in recognising the teams persistent hard work’  


Highly Commended: Bladder and Bowel Team, Portsmouth

 ‘This nomination is to recognise the hard work and outcomes being delivered, and to say a big thank you and well done! 

The team are dedicated and supportive and are an asset having developed their specialist skills in the face of waiting lists and the challenges of working in a very small team. The team's business support has worked tirelessly to ensure all available clinic slots are allocated to those patients waiting longest, or with most urgent needs’ 

The judging panel agreed this team have incredibly challenging roles and deserve this recognition for providing the highest quality of care and for all their continued hard work to reduce waiting times and for changing patients’ lives.  

Team of the Month: Southampton’s Pain Team

The Southampton Pain team offers invaluable support to those living with chronic pain. They hold the community they serve at the heart of everything they do, by making it a priority to listen to patients and involve them in their practice. They have also been working through recent challenges of very high demand, and despite this, the team maintain the highest standard of care. The nomination was written by a placement student, who concluded that ‘the team are a shining example of how to include students into NHS practice’ The judges said ‘This team are worthy winners for constantly going above and beyond, and for all their outstanding work and commitment’

Colleague of the Month: Beindu King, Clinical Nurse Specialist - Stoma Care

Beindu’s nomination was from one of her patients who said ‘Beindu is a wonderful nurse for so many reasons, she recognises the importance of including family, whilst always putting the patient first. She is fantastic at reading the tone of the room, knowing when to use humour and lighten the tone, and when a gentle touch is needed. She recognises that a patient's reaction and response to their new way of life is an individual one’ The judges agreed this was a strong nomination, and it is clear to see that Beindu prides herself abiding by our Solent values; she is a fantastic, caring and valued colleague.

Leader of the Month: Charlotte Hope and Lorraine Davies, Head of Unplanned Care and Modern Matrons

This was a joint nomination for both Charlotte and Lorraine, for showing exceptional leadership, courage, and compassion. They both demonstrate the Solent values in their abilities to speak up and stand up for patients care, the wellbeing of their colleagues and sustainability of their service. The judges agreed they have both shown exemplary efforts and commitment in their work as a team, and that their dedication and hard work made Charlotte and Lorraine this month’s standout winners.

Highly Commended: Adult Community Speech and Language Therapy, Southampton

This is a small team that work passionately across numerous caseloads within the service line. They are a fantastic team who have recently implemented new ways of working, which has received a huge amount of positive feedback.

The judging panel agreed unanimously that this team have incredibly challenging roles and deserve recognition for their flexibility and positivity while always giving 100% to their service and patients.

Leader of the Month: Hannah Maskell, Clinical effectiveness and Quality Improvement lead

Hannah is the Clinical Effectiveness and Quality Improvement representative for all children’s public health services. This is a large clinical team, and her role involves promoting and sharing clinical audit, evaluation, quality improvement and research activity. She consistently delivers a very high standard across all these domains, and has built a culture where audit, evaluation, QI and research thrive and where staff are encouraged to get involved.

The judging panel recognised that this was a powerful nomination. Hannah’s dedication and presence to her very large team made her a valuable leader. Her dedication and commitment to her role and our HEART values made her a deserving winner.


Colleague of the Month: Kim Hunt, Better Care Administrator

Kim has been working for Community Paediatrics for a long time. Not only is her experience invaluable, but she also has an extremely high standard of working. Kim is the backbone of Child Health at Alpha Court. She is able to help everyone from consultants to other admin staff with the whole range of issues with good humour, kindness and efficiency.

The judging panel agreed unanimously that having received 3 nominations, and for her commitment and diligence to her role, Kim was a standout winner for this award.


Team of the Month: ICT Team

The nomination said ‘With this kind of project it is easy to highlight the exceptions where an element has not gone as smoothly as we had hoped, we can forget to celebrate the phenomenal achievement behind the vast majority of staff being unaware of the seismic shift that the trust has just undergone’

This team has been through a real tough period. They have worked under immense pressure and some really tight deadlines. The panel agreed this award will go a long way in recognising their persistent hard work, and how they have continually demonstrated resilience and remained upbeat, all the while minimising disruption where possible.


Highly Commended Closer 2 Home CASS workers

The C2H CASS workers are an incredible team. They have such a wealth of experience and knowledge and work with the most unwell and risky young people. They consistently show initiative, creativity and always work flexibly.

The judging panel agreed this team have incredibly challenging roles and deserve this recognition for providing the highest quality of care to children and young people. And for all their continued hard work in the community.

Leader of the Month: Patricia Reynolds, Acting Service Manager Integrated Learning Disability Service

Patricia is very good at going above and beyond ensuring her staff are happy in the workplace, happy with the processes and the ways of working. She has kept this team together in the recent months under unexpected circumstances. She has been very proactive stepping into a new management position, as well as doing her normal everyday workload. Patricia has taken on so much more, but still remains positive and approachable for all staff, she has done an incredible job.

The judging panel recognised that Patricia has stepped up in exceptionally difficult and challenging circumstances, they agreed unanimously that Patricia is very much deserving of this award for her dedication and devotion to her role and our HEART values.


Colleague of the Month: Debra Towell, Occupational Health Business Admin Manager

Deb epitomises the teamwork value as she is always selfless and helps bind all the different pockets of Occupational Health together. The OH and WB team are very fortunate to have her as an integral part of the team- she really does make a difference

The judging panel agreed unanimously that this was a very well written nomination, and it clearly shows Deb’s passion and commitment to her role, making her a standout winner.


Team of the Month: Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team

This team consistently provide care to some of the most complex and vulnerable people in our communities and they do so with an enormous amount of compassion and kindness. Honest about the challenges and stresses of working within this setting. The team strive to advocate for the people using their service, create a supportive environment in which everyone counts, managing each case with respect and dignity.

The judges added ‘This team has been through a real tough period the past 6 months. As a panel we unanimously agree this award will go a long way in recognising the teams persistent hard work, and how they have continually demonstrated resilience and commitment especially during challenging times’

Team of the Month: Domestic Service Team (Block B SMH)

The term ‘unsung heroes’ really resonated with our panel, and the nomination really struck a chord. The team work many antisocial hours and are always inclusive, welcoming, and supportive of each other as a team and of each other’s family commitments. They are cheerful and caring with everyone they encounter throughout their working day. This wonderful group of people truly deserve of the title ‘Team of the Month’


Colleague of the Month: Emilie Rose, Associate Practitioner 0-19

Emilie put patients and her colleague’s wellbeing at the heart of everything she does every single day. Emilie is a worthy winner of this award; the nomination clearly shows Emilie lives by our HEART values, and is a valued, insightful, and supportive member of staff.


Leader of the Month: Sally Frost, MSK Operational Lead

Sally was a standout winner for always being an advocate for her team, and for her exceptional leadership qualities. Sally is a forward thinker, is approachable, and kind. She demonstrates the HEART values in all she does for her team.


Colleague of the Month - Highly Commended: David Smith, Chef

David deserves this recognition for being an unsung hero and for all he does for our catering department. Its apparent David’s dedication to his role echoes our HEART Values. Thank you for your `and commitment and for always going above and beyond

Team of the Month: Apprenticeship Team

The Apprenticeship Team were nominated for always striving to provide quality apprenticeships not only to new starters to the trust but also our own staff. The team are always supportive of each other, living the heart values throughout their work, for going above and beyond in their roles.

The judges voted unanimously saying ‘It was evident to see living proof of the nomination and the success of the teams work at this week’s events. Its clear to see the team are passionate about and live by our HEART values’


Colleague of the Month: Patricia Okafor, Senior Physiotherapist

The judge’s agreed Patricia was a worthy winner after a very strong nomination, saying ‘Its clear to see Patricia prides herself and her work on the HEART values’

Patricia is very proactive and always uses and shares what she learns for the benefit of the whole team. She supports junior members of staff with their clinical work when needed and partakes in team activities & meetings. Patricia approaches everything in a positive way and is a well respected and valued member of the team.


Leader of the Month: Sam Hemingway, Deputy Chief of Nursing and AHP’s

Sam epitomises the HEART values and leads our service with deep compassion and humility. Sam goes above and beyond every day to offer the support that is needed in our teams and our leadership team. She is a well-respected leader, and her calm and inclusive approach means everyone counts, and everyone is heard.

The judges agreed Sam shows exemplary efforts and commitment to her work, which makes her a standout winner.


Colleague of the Month - Highly Commended: Chrissie Marshall, Pastoral Support

Chrissie has worked for the Trust for the last 19 years and in the NHS for 40 years. She is totally professional and is highly respected in the team. Chrissie has a wealth of knowledge of her role but also a has an excellent repour with the apprentices. She is always going that extra mile for others, which makes her a real team player.

The judges said ‘Chrissie’s professionalism, dedication and commitment to her role, the trust and to her 40-year service in the NHS makes her a very worthy winner of this award, thank you Chrissie for going above and beyond’


Team of the Month: Urgent Community Response, Portsmouth

This team has worked with drive and passion to provide urgent care to patients. The judges agreed they have demonstrated the HEART values by developing their workforce and working positively as a team, ensuring all patients receives the greatest care.


Colleague of the Month: Emma Matthews, Paediatric Therapy Assistant

Emma has taken on the role of wellbeing champion, having received more than one nomination the judge’s felt Emma was a worthy winner for her positivity and support within that role, and for her exemplary efforts and commitment to her work with children.


Leader of the Month: Joanna Robinson, MSK Operational Lead

Joanna shows compassion in her leadership ensuring her team always feel valued. Jo embodies and actively promotes the HEART values and culture. The judges agreed the commitment she shows not only to patients’ safety but to her team proves she is a standout winner for this award.


Colleague of the Month - Highly Commended: David Voisey, Catering Assistant/Driver

David has been an asset to our department during challenging times recently and has adapted his normal role as a part time catering driver, to step up and work full time and not only support his own department, but also our wards and restaurant when required. Dave has also been a great support recently from a supervisory point of view. He has stepped up and supported with such ease and been a great help. He has gone above and beyond and been the best team player. Dave is an absolute superstar.

Team of the Month: Jubilee Unit, Portsmouth

The judges felt that this team has worked in an incredible way to support each other whilst putting patient care first, inspiring compassion and truly living the HEART values, particularly when relocating to their new environment and having to meet operational and clinical challenges head on.

Colleague of the Month: Bindu Wilson, Occupational Health Practice Nurse

Bindu started with Occupational Health in December 2021, at a time when the Occupational Health team were inundated with requests and faced multiple demands for much needed support for colleague’s health and wellbeing. Bindu received multiple nominations describing her exceptional efforts to support her team and the wider Trust. The Judges felt Bindu’s exemplary achievements and commitment to her work made her a standout winner for this award.  

Leader of the Month: Neena (Narinder) Kaur, Reception Supervisor

Neena received a number of nominations from people in her team. Her kindness, positivity and willingness to listen were all cited as key attributes of being a great leader. Judges agreed unanimously that the combined nominations produced an overwhelming entry for this award.  

Highly Commended: Jey Williams, Commercial Project Manager

Jey leads on a number of complex change programmes, often bringing together people from within Solent with others from partner organisations. The commitment Jey shows to these programmes leads to real change in working practice and the experience of colleagues and patients alike.  In recognition of her dedication and attributes, the Judges have decided to award a ‘Highly Commended Award’ to Jey. 

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