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Community and mental health services for Southampton, Portsmouth and parts of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.


Join our Bank

If you are looking for somewhere you can make a real difference and are passionate about keeping people safe, well and out of hospital, a flexible role with us on our Bank Support Team may be just what you’re looking for.

We will provide a supportive environment, and be assured that we are well prepared.  Join us for the following bank opportunities:

  • You can view all of our live vacancies here.

Please note: post holders must be able to undertake physical duties at one of our clinical sites.

When completing your application please only state your last two periods of employment on your application form.

Please note - if you are working for Solent NHS Trust through an agency you will be required to give the respective agency four weeks notice of your intention to leave.

If you are a registered professional that has recently left or retired from Solent NHS Trust, please email for further information.

Who can join? 

Whatever your skills or abilities, we value your experience and can provide you with an opportunity to work with us in a way to help meet our areas of need and to suit your lifestyle.

We employ people in all areas including nursing, healthcare assistants, medical, dentists and Allied Health Professionals. We also offer non clinical roles, including admin, clerical, and estates and facilities.

How do I apply?

You can apply for a bank staffing role by visiting our vacancies page.

Alternatively you can contact one of the BSS team on 0300 123 3915 or email

The team will be happy to discuss temporary opportunities with you.

What are the benefits of bank?

  • A pathway into nursing, healthcare or administration
  • Enhanced hourly rates
  • Monthly payments
  • Paid annual leave
  • First choice of available shifts
  • Opportunities to apply for internal roles
  • NHS Pension available
  • Experience of working in a Community NHS Trust
  • Training opportunities and continuous professional development
  • Staff discounts through the Health Service Discounts scheme at leading retailers
  • Uniforms and DBS
  • Having a better work – life balance

Our friendly Bank Staff Team will work with you to help you choose where you would like to work and the roles which best match your skill set.


Bank staffing Q&A

How do I apply to join the Bank Staffing Service?

If you already hold a substantive contract and wish to or are willing to work additional hours you can access an application pack by emailing and one will be sent to you.

For applicants who are external to Solent, we will be advertising appropriate bank roles through our NHS Jobs website 

Do I need Occupational Health Clearance?

If you are a Solent member of staff with a substantive contract, you will not need an OH check. However if you are applying externally to Solent you will be required to complete a J1HF form and be cleared by our Occupational Health team before commencing on our bank.

What experience do I need to apply?

Our patients are our primary concern at all times and therefore we will be ensuring that all nursing and AHP bank members have worked for at least 6 months within the last year in the UK and in an NHS hospital and/or Community NHS Trust.. Bank administration and facilities roles will require appropriate experience for the bank work being advertised at that time.

Can I apply for more than one Bank role?

If you wish, you can apply for another bank role at a lower band and hold two agreements with the BSS.

If my application has been rejected, can I re-apply?

Unfortunately there may be times when we have to reject an application due to lack of noted experience however we welcome individuals re-applying at a later stage once they have reached the minimum requirement level.

As a newly qualified nurse or Allied Health Professional, am I still able to apply?

The Bank Staffing Service requires newly qualified nurses or Allied Health Professionals to have completed their preceptorship programme and must be able to demonstrate at least 6 months experience as a nurse in a clinical setting.

If I am retiring from the Trust can I apply for a bank agreement?

We welcome individuals who are retiring to consider being a member of our bank service and would therefore ask that if this does interest you, that you apply for bank either internally through the email address or through NHS Jobs when we advertise.

How long will the process take?

Once we have received an application form from a substantive member of staff within Solent, we will request a reference from either your current manager or your supervisor. This will take up to 10 days to receive. Once returned and is acceptable along with ensuring that you’re statutory and mandatory training is up to date, we will issue you with a Bank Staffing Agreement and handbook.  We would therefore anticipate that this process will take between 7 to 10 days.

How long will I have to wait to know if I have been accepted onto the bank?

Unfortunately if you have not heard from us within 21 days of sending in your application form, then your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion.

Will confirmation of the interview details be emailed to me?

Yes, interview details will be emailed to you using the email address you have supplied to us, this will include the information   you will be required to bring to your interview along with the date and time of your interview.

Where will the interviews be held?

We have interview locations at Portsmouth and Southampton and we usually determine the venue for your interview from your home address.

How long will my application take?

We would aim to process you application within an 8 week period, this is due primarily to pre-employment checks and the requirement of a DBS and OH clearance.

Am I required to attend the Trust Corporate Induction?

If you are a new external bank member, then yes before you can start to request work shifts you will need to attend our Corporate Induction day. This date will be supplied to you by the BSS office.

When can I have access to book bank shifts?

On your successful appointment to the BSS you will be invited to attend the Trust Corporate Induction.  Here you will be met by a member of the BSS team who will welcome you to the service and issue you with a Password to access ESR. You will also be shown how to access your e-learning account so you able to complete and book on to any required mandatory training.

Only once you have completed all of the expected mandatory training for your role we then provide access to Employee Online booking system.

We will also provide you with a ‘How to’ guide for using EOL, this system will allow you to view and book on the bank shifts. As well as allowing you to record your availability for bank work and claim travel expenses.

Do I always need to request shifts?

No, all shifts coming into the BSS have a skill set attached to them which is then matched and texted out to all bank staff with the same skill set. Shifts are then filled on a first come first served basis and you will be texted back if successful.

Can I be specific about the area I work in?

Yes, you will be asked if you have any preferences around where you work which we will try to accommodate where possible.

Can I refuse an offered shift?

Yes, if you do not wish to work the shift texted to you then you do not need to reply, this will leave the shift open for others to book.

Is there a Roster Managers guide to using the Bank system?

Yes, all Roster Managers/Leads will be issued with a “How to” guide to using the HealthRoster system.

Will I be issued with a uniform?

Yes, the BSS office will supply you with up to 2 uniforms dependant the number of shifts you will be available for.

Will I have a name badge?

Yes, once you have attended Corporate Induction, your photograph will be taken and you will be notified when your Badge is ready for collection which usually takes a couple of days.

Who do I inform about any changes to my personnel details?

Any changes ie: Name, address, contact details, email address, bank account

can be done through ESR employee self-service.

How do I give details of my availability?

This is done through your Employee Online Account. (EOL)

How much notice do I need to give to cancel a shift?

If you are no longer available to cover a booked shift the Bank office would need to be informed directly at least 48 hours prior to the shift start time.

Do I need to notify BSS of updates to my professional registration?

We would always encourage our bank members to update us on registration however we can automatically updated this through the BSS service and will be doing this regularly.

How do I access online training?

All members of the BSS are eligible to access the Learner Self Service system, this system hosts our e-learning training and enables you to book other training online. You can access your e-learning account through your ESR login and visiting the website.

How is Mandatory Training Accessed?

Statutory and mandatory training is through a mixture of e-learning and classroom based courses dependant on the subject. You will have an online matrix which enables you to view the training you are required to complete, and when you are required to complete it. . Should you require more specific skills the Trust’s Learning and Development team will be able to provide support with this on and be contacted on or 0300 123 3799

How do I reset my password?

You will need to contact a member of the BSS Team on: 0300 123 3915 or

What do I do if a shift I have worked is not showing on my EOL account?

You will need to contact the BSS team on: 0300 123 3915 or

How do I know my employee assignment number?

This will be given to you at Induction day or if you are a substantive member of staff, you will be provided with this detail via your email address.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid on the penultimate day of the working month via BACs/bank transfer.

When will I receive my first salary?

Shifts worked in the first month of employment will be paid in your first salary on the penultimate day of following month ie: shifts worked in May paid in June.

What will be my pay rate?

We have a set of pay rates for all grades for working in our Bank Staffing Service, please see Appendix 1.

Will I be eligible for increments on my bank agreement?

No, Bank workers and their associated rates do not attract increments.

Will I be eligible to join the NHS Pension?

You will be entitled to join a Pension scheme as a member of the BSS.

What do I do if I believe my pay is wrong?

You will need to contact the BSS team, who will investigate for you and advise you of the outcome.

Am I entitled to sick pay?

Under your agreement you may be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

Am I entitled to Annual Leave?

Yes, at the end of each month the BSS will calculate the hours you worked in the current month and a pro-rated rate will be paid in the following month in lieu of annual leave. Further details are in your Bank Service Handbook

Do I receive unsocial hours payments?

Yes, you will be eligible for enhanced rates for any work undertaken during unsocial hour periods ie: after 8pm and before 6am, weekend and bank holiday periods.

Can I check that my worked shifts are due to be paid?

Yes, through using your EOL account you will be able to check that all worked shifts have been marked for payment in the next month.

Is there a handbook I can refer to for working practices?

We provide a bank handbook to support the bank agreement that we send to you in order for you to be a member of the service. This handbook contains all the relevant information that you need to ensure that you are aware of our working practices

Do I have to move work areas if asked?

This is rare however we ask that our bank staff are flexible and if there is no longer a requirement and a suitable alternative ward is offered.

Will I be paid if I report to a ward but are no longer required?

If you are offered a shift and on arrival you are no longer required, you will be considered for alternative available shifts on that ward or service. However if these shifts are not available you will be eligible for an inconvenience payment of 2 hours to cover travel and time costs.

Is there a minimum requirement of shifts that I would need to work?

There is an expectation that members of the BSS work a minimum of 10 shifts in any 6 month period. BSS will have the right to terminate any bank staff that have not worked any shifts in a six month period following investigation of reason for non-work.

How many hours can I work if I also hold a substantive contract?

In line with Working Time Regulations, the Trust will not require any employee to work more than an average of 48 hours per week, over a 26-week reference period. This does not mean that an employee may not be required to work over 48 hours in any one week, so long as the average of 48 hours over the reference period is not exceeded. The 48-hour average includes all of the working time undertaken each week by the employee and is therefore a sum total of hours worked under a substantive contract, for the bank and for any other employer.

What are my hours of work?

As a Bank worker you have no normal working hours, under your Terms of Engagement you are registered to undertake short-term shifts for BSS as and when necessary, there is no obligation from you to undertake assignments, nor is BSS obliged to offer assignments to you.

What do I need to take with me when I report for a bank assignment?

You should always report to clinical areas/services wearing your BSS uniform. All Bank Staff members must wear their BSS staff badge and it should be clearly visible.

Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

Please visit our services page for specific services and contact details. Alternatively, contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service by emailing or calling the number below. You can also give us feedback, make a complaint or share a compliment.

0800 013 2319

*Lines are open Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm.

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act was passed on 30 November 2000. It gives a general right of access to all types of recorded information held by public authorities, with full access granted in January 2005.

The Act sets out exemptions to that right and places certain obligations on public authorities.


Phone: 0300 123 3919

*Subject to any exemptions which apply, we are obliged to provide the information requested please note that requests for Personal Information is not covered under this Act and should be applied for through the Data Protection Act 1998.

Our administrative and managerial centre is based in Southampton.

While our services can be found around various NHS locations in Southampton and Portsmouth (and surrounding districts), our administrative and managerial centre is based in Southampton at:

Highpoint Venue
Bursledon Road
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If you require a printable version of how to find us including bus times, car access and bike info please download our leaflet. (Copyright of Highpoint Venue).

Central office phone: 0300 123 3390

*Lines open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

If you are a journalist with a media enquiry, please contact the Communications Team at:

0300 123 4156 or 02381 031076

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