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Community and mental health services for Southampton, Portsmouth and parts of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.


School Aged Immunisation Vaccine Programs

The School Age Immunisation Service offers immunisations to school aged children and young people (4 to 16 Years) across the Southampton, Portsmouth and Isle of Wight areas.  We also offer immunisations to all children and young people attending special schools.

We currently offer the following vaccinations:

  • Seasonal Flu Vaccination
  • Human Papilloma Virus Vaccination
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria and Polio Vaccination
  • Meningitis ACWY Vaccination
  • MMR Boosters

We send invites to parents / carers when a child's vaccine is due, this will often be sent through schools with a link to the online form to complete.  If your child is Home Educated we will send invites directly to you.  The online form is provided by a company called inhealthcare.

We use an online form for parents / carers to say if they do or do not want their child to be vaccinated.  Please complete this form as will continue to attempt to contact parents / carers when we have not had a reply so children are not missed out for their vaccinations.

We deliver the immunisations in school sessions or community clinics, these can be booked in the online form.


If you think your child has missed a vaccine and you would like them to have it please contact us.


If you have any questions or need support with the online form please contact us:

Southampton -
Portsmouth -
Isle of Wight -

The seasonal flu vaccination will be offered to all children and young people aged 4 - 16 years (school Reception to Year 11) from the month of October.

Your child will be offered a flu vaccination, often as a nasal spray, as part of a national health campaign to protect vulnerable people, including young children, from the flu virus.

The children’s flu vaccination is given as a simple spray up the nose, which is quick and painless. The flu virus is very infectious, and this means that children are protected against the severe infection and are less likely to pass the virus on to friends and family. This helps to protect those who are at greater risk of serious flu infection including infants, older people and those with an underlying health conditions. The World Health Organisation (WHO) monitor the flu virus circulating the world and predict which virus is most likely to cause an outbreak.

The nasal spray contains porcine gelatine to stabilise the vaccine. An alternative injectable vaccine is available for those children who are unable to have gelatine for religious reason. 

Consent will be sought from parents/carers via online form. If you do not wish to provide consent, please complete the No consent option on the form.

More information for Children aged 4 - 10 Years old

Child flu vaccine - NHS (


Online Form Links

You will need the school code to be able to fill out the form, this can be found here.

Flu Southampton:

Flu Portsmouth:

Flu IOW:

If you do not want your child to receive the vaccine please complete the online form selecting the No Consent option.

When your child is 12 - 13 years old (Year 9) they will be offered the Meningitis (MenACWY), and Tetanus, Diphtheria and Polio (TdIPV) vaccines. These two vaccines are often referred to as the School Leavers Boosters.

The MenACWY vaccine is given by a single injection in the upper arm and protects against four strains of the meningitis bacteria – A, C, W and Y. This bacteria causes meningitis and blood septicaemia. The vaccination is recommended for this age group to reduce the risk of obtaining the infection.

More information about the Men ACWY vaccination

The TdIPV vaccination is a single injection in the upper arm to boost your child’s protection against three separate infections, Tetanus, Diphtheria and Polio. This is the fifth (2nd booster) and final vaccination following the Pre-school Booster (1st booster) for Tetanus, Diphtheria and Polio which completes that course. If you know your child has received this fifth dose (2nd booster) since attending secondary school, please do not consent.

More information on Tetanus, Diphtheria and Polio vaccine


Online Form Links

You will need the school code to be able to fill out the form, this can be found here.

Isle of Wight :

Portsmouth :

Southampton :

If you do not want your child to receive the vaccine please complete the online form selecting the No Consent option.

The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination is now a one-dose vaccination for all young people aged 11 - 12 years (School Year 8).

The vaccination offers protection against the effects of the virus which includes some cancers.

If your child missed the vaccination, they can still receive the vaccine through the School Aged Immunisation Service until they are 17 years old or leave school.  They are still able to receive the vaccine until they are 25 years old, please contact your GP for more advice on this.

More in formation on the Human papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination


Online Form Links

You will need the school code to be able to fill out the form, this can be found here.

Southampton HPV:

Portsmouth HPV:


If you do not want your child to receive the vaccine please complete the online form selecting the No Consent option.

The School Aged Immunisation service can offer MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccines for children who have missed them as part of the pre school immunisation programme.

If you are concerned your child has missed any other pre school vaccination please contact your GP surgery, the NHS App or our service. 

To find out more about the MMR please visit:

MMR for all: general guide - GOV.UK (

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