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FOIs: Contracting & Procurement

Please see below for all Freedom of Information requests relating to Solent NHS Trust's contracting & procurement information received since 1st April 2017. If a request has multiple aspects, for example contracting and clinical information the request may also be found on the clinical (or related) pages. If you are unable to find the information that you require or have a query about an FOI request please contact us.

FOI number & description FOI number & description FOI number & description FOI number & description
FOI_08 17/18 - Solent NHS Trust's systems FOI_15 17/18 - Freedom of Information systems, contracts and costs FOI_18 17/18 - Banking, sudit, card and merchant services FOI_21 17/18 - IT systems suppliers and windows versions
FOI_26 17/18 - Contracts with The Priory Group FOI_32 17/18 - Refurbishment tender for St Mary's Hospital FOI_33 17/18 - Trust's web filtering solution FOI_36 17/18 - Contract for AMH services
FOI_51 17/18 - Trust's mobile phones FOI_59 17/18 - Purchasing department contact details FOI_65 17/18 - Diagnostic services provided by external providers FOI_66 17/18 - Trust's EPS and agency workers/ finances
FOI_73 17/18 - Solent's NHS Trust paper procurement FOI_80 17/18 - Label procurement FOI_83 17/18 - Repairs and servicing or alternating mattress systems FOI_87 17/18 - Fleet vehicles
FOI_95 17/18 - Contract information for courier services FOI_110 17/18 - Management and contract of print services FOI_112 17/18 - Data/supplier information from procurement to pay, accounts payable to contract repository sources FOI_123 17/18 - ATM contracts
FOI_129 17/18 - Disability and mobility suppliers FOI_145 17/18 - The structure of Solent's organisation FOI_146 17/18 - Contract information relating to courier services FOI_147 17/18 - Tender details
FOI_152 17/18 - Haemostat product usage FOI_188 17/18 - Tender opportunities