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FOIs: Finance

Please see below for all Freedom of Information requests relating to Solent NHS Trust's finances or financial information received since 1st April 2017. If a request has multiple aspects, for example financial and HR information the request may also be found on the HR (or related) pages. If you are unable to find the information that you require or have a query about an FOI request please contact us.

FOI number & description FOI number & description FOI number & description FOI number & description
FOI_02 17/18 - Cost of treating accident victims FOI_03 17/18 - Safe staffing within Solent NHS Trust FOI_06 17/18 - Discharges, care packages and agency spend FOI_20 17/18 - Nursing and care agencies
FOI_27 17/18 - Spending on contingent staff FOI_28 17/18 - Trust's agency spend 2016/17 FOI_55 17/18 - Consultant metrics FOI_66 17/18 - Trust's EPS and agency workers/ finances
FOI_68 17/18 - Agency locum spend in cardiology departments FOI_84 17/18 - IT Spend FOI_88 17/18 - Overall Trust's financial spend FOI_89 17/18 - Recruitment advertising expenditure
FOI_97 17/18 - Operating Expenses FOI_114 17/18 - Staff vacancy numbers, agency spend and difficult recruitment FOI_130 17/18 - Losses and special payments FOI_131 17/18 - Agency spend 2016/17
FOI_142 17/18 - Use of temporary agency nursing staff FOI_145 17/18 - The structure of Solent's organisation FOI_148 17/18 - Unfulfilled shifts and locum expenditure for last 3 financial years FOI_166 17/18 - HR and Finance business systems
FOI_171 17/18 - Mental health agency staff spend since 2012/13 FOI_172 17/18 - Permanent and non-permanent staff figures FOI_181 17/18 - Non mandatory raining and apprenticeships FOI_197 17/18 - Cost of producing and printing annual reports and accounts