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April 2015 Safe Staffing Report

There has been significant improvement in the number of areas where the planned and actual staffing levels were matched this month.

The comments below are explanations of why areas were red or amber in April’s safe staffing report and what was done to ensure patient care was safe.

The RSH (Lower Brambles and Fanshawe)

These wards are intermediate care for patients following discharge from the local acute hospital or for patients who are admitted from home for rehabilitation.

Both of these wards have maintained safe levels of staffing during April. A vacancy for a Registered Nurse on Fanshawe ward resulted in a lower number of Registered Nurses than planned on some days, however additional Support Workers were on duty and the numbers were assessed by the Matron as being within safe levels to manage the needs of the patients on the ward at this time.


Oakdene is a mental health recovery and rehabilitation ward, during the month of April the bed occupancy has been only 55%. The fill rate of Care staff on day duty was 81.7% of the planned number however with the Registered nurses and therapists on duty the Matron assessed this to be a safe staffing level.

The Orchards (Maples)

Maples is a Psychiatric intensive care ward.

Although Maples was Red in relation to Registered Nurses on duty during the day, this is an improvement on the previous month. Patient safety and care is not compromised and where possible bank staff are utilised to fill any gaps or staff were moved appropriately from other areas. The Lead Nurse and Matron were also available but neither is included in the figures which inform the calculation. There was no risk to patient safety as a result of the staffing numbers.


Baytrees is a recovery focused detox treatment center.

Due to sickness some Care staff were not available for their planned shifts, this was however mitigated by an increase in the number of Registered Nurses on duty (above the planned number). Therefor the staffing was safe.


Snowdon is a Neurological rehabilitation ward.

In April there were number of vacancies as well as absences due to maternity and sick leave. In order to manage the unit safely a member of staff was seconded from another area for the month, as well as an increase in the number of therapy staff to support with both rehabilitation and activities of daily living. There was an increase in the number of bank and agency staff used. Additionally consideration was given to delaying planned admissions to ensure that patients could be safely supported.

Interviews have taken place and a number of appointments have been made. Interviews for two registered nurse posts did not result in suitable applicants and are therefore being re-advertised.

Jubilee House

Jubilee house is an inpatient unit which provides both continuing healthcare assessments and End of Life Care.

Staffing has been managed by the Matron completing careful risk assessments to ensure that there is no risk to patient safety where care staff numbers have been increased to cover for the reduced availability of registered nurses.

Kite Unit

Kite is a Neurological rehabilitation service for people with a cognitive impairment and/or an additional psychiatric need.

One registered nurse is currently on maternity leave and another post is currently vacant. The unit was managed safely by increasing numbers of care staff on duty and due to the fact that the bed occupancy rate was reduced, with additional discharges taking place towards the end of the month.