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Shake off the cold winter days

Well I finished my January ‘Dryathon’ and felt a real sense of accomplishment! It’s just a shame that the diet did not last as long.. For those who read my first blog, you will remember my need to start afresh at the beginning of the New Year, to make a healthier me and to shake off the dark and cold winter days.

Spring is definitely on its way; I know this is the case because I went to the lambing day at my daughter’s college recently and watched with amazement as new life came into the world in the form of a beautiful lamb. It was up on its feet within seconds of being born, looking for its Mum, looking for food trying so hard to survive. It reminded me how amazing our world is and how important it is to stop and take in what is happening around me, not to let life pass me by and to make sure I take the time to look and listen to as much as I possibly can.

I have been spending time with the people that make ‘Team Solent’ - watching and listening and seeing what they do, and asking them how they feel about things. I have tried to do this in different ways, either in person or by email and other modern technology. People have told me what’s important to them and their team - they want to feel valued, they want someone to say ‘thank you, you are doing a good job’ and they want to make a difference to the people who use our services. That’s exactly what I want every day. It’s really hard at the moment, there is so much change and money seems really tight. Very loudly I heard ‘’talk to us and ask us for ideas and solutions, listen to us and do something when we do ask for help or make a suggestion’’. These are simple requests and yet sometimes we seem to ignore those who are trying so hard to make a difference.

I commit to listen and to communicate openly and consistently and I encourage all of ‘Team Solent’ to do the same. I also commit to saying ‘thank you’ more often and to give praise and encouragement everyday where it is due, will you do the same? Watching the lamb being born reminded me that life is precious but sometimes when you are stuck on the ‘hamster wheel’ of life you miss seeing and experiencing that most precious, and sometimes that obvious thing that is right in front of your nose.

As we come to the end of another financial year and reflect on the twelve months that have passed, there is a lot to be proud of, we have accomplished so much - you just need to read our ‘Shine’ magazine to see the difference we make to so many people every day. The next twelve months are going to be exciting and challenging in equal measure, I am looking forward to the ride and all that it brings. We strive for Foundation Trust and as we continue to meet the demands and receive the rewards and accolades we will realise our ambition; Foundation Trust status is not that far away.

If you woudl like to read Shine magazine, please click here.