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Rosys Story

Dealing with anxiety and depression – Rosy’s story

Rosy, like many other people, was dealing with negative thoughts which started to come more and more often and eventually take over. She had gone through a traumatic life event which left her feeling like she just couldn’t pick herself up again.

Sleep was becoming very difficult, so was getting up in the morning. She was exhausted. “Enough was enough.” She said, “I couldn’t continue to feel like I was walking through treacle anymore.”
She wasn’t sure what to do or what she was experiencing, so decided to speak to her GP. He suggested that she speak to Talking Change, a service run by Solent NHS Trust, which understands how difficult anxiety and depression can be to cope with. “I realised that I didn’t
need to feel like this anymore and that there are people who can help” said Rosy. “I felt like I was trapped in my own negative thoughts, but when I knew there was someone who could help and
that I didn’t need to suffer in silence, a weight started to lift”.

Rosy felt that the service was very supportive and approachable, and that she could talk freely about how she was feeling. “I felt like I could really open up and nothing I could say would shock them. I didn’t feel like I was being judged, which is what I was worried about”. The Talking Change team are extremely knowledgeable and provide people with tools to work out what causes their negative feelings and how to understand them and eventually stop them. “It’s important to realise that most people will experience anxiety at some point in their life, and it is completely normal.”

There are things you can do to help reduce stress and anxiety such as making sure you keep in touch with friends, reduce your intake of alcohol, join a sports club or learn to play a musical instrument. Walking and taking up a new hobby are also great for reducing stress and anxiety.

Talking Change, run by Solent NHS Trust, offer support and advice to people dealing with anxiety and depression living in Portsmouth. If you think they could help you, please call 023 9289 2920 or visit