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Our Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Find out more about our different services through your senses at our Experiential Community Event and Corporate AGM.

When: Monday 10 September, 4pm - 6.45pm.

Where: Highpoint Venue, Bursledon Road, Southampton SO19 8BR

There will be a number of interactive opportunities for you to get involved in including: testing apps, exploring sensory equipment and creating your own pieces of art. To coincide with the launch of the Communication Access Symbol, the event will be communication friendly.

View our AGM agenda and Annual Report.

For more information download our poster or watch our video.

Our feedback from our AGM can be viewed below:



You said…

Our response to your question

Question noted during table discussions

Although we understand funding is a big issue for the NHS, but can something be done so that patients, visitors and staff do NOT pay for parking at hospitals. Possibly could collect permits at reception etc.?

We know that parking is issue for our staff, patients and visitors and that demand for car parking at our sites far exceeds the spaces available.


We strive to ensure a fair and equitable solution to allocate and effectively utilise the available car parking spaces and charging for staff, patients and visitors.

Our revised Access & Transport Policy has recently been revised and will be implemented during the Autumn.

Question from Table 11

What is Solent doing to promote integration?

Our CEO, Sue Harriman provided a response at the meeting.


It was confirmed that the integration of services and working with our partners is a key element of our strategy. Solent NHS Trust is a key partner and is actively engaged in the Sustainability & Transformation Partnership (STP) for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight – key to which is ensuring NHS services are integrated to ensure the best possible outcome and quality of services for our community as well as ensuring these are provided as efficiently as possible.

Question from Table 6

What assurances are there that the level of accessibility seen in today’s AGM will be seen in all service areas?

Our Chairman, Alistair Stokes provided a response at the meeting.


We are committed to considering accessibility needs and intend to further build on the AGM experience when hosting other events.


Question noted during table discussions

When will we publish The PLACE results and feedback to assessors?

We plan to share our result in the next coming months and by November when we will also be able to update our assessors on the progress we have made since the inspection.



Question from Table 5

How is the Trust getting young people involved in shaping services?

Our Professional Lead for Children’s Services, Stephanie Clark, introduced a member of the Young Shapers Team – who provided a response at the meeting.


Examples were shared of how the Young Shapers Team are working with our services, for example by reviewing accessibility and how services are viewed by children and adolescents. It was confirmed that as a result of working in partnership and feedback received, improvements have been made to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) reception area.

We are looking to expand our partnership with young people in the future.



Question from Table 12

How does the Board feel about the future particularly with Brexit in mind?

Our CEO, Sue Harriman provided a response at the meeting.


We are actively involved in the work of the Sustainability & Transformation Partnership for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight; the output of which will undoubtedly change how services are structured across our geography. Solent NHS Trust will continue to operate as long as there is a need and whilst still adding value.

Question noted during table discussions

Benefits changing

- Paying for health and social care in the future? What’s free and you pay for?

The Government policy remains that health care should remain free at the point of use. There has been no indication that this will change.

Question noted during table discussions

What mechanisms are in place to ensure good value for money, contracts, procurement etc?

Solent participates and reviews the outputs of benchmarking reviews. These help us look for further efficiencies and demonstrate value for money.

Question from Table 3

What is Solent’s policy about replacing staff that leave?


Our Chief People Officer, Helen Ives, provided a response at the meeting.


The NHS is facing a number of national challenges, such as the shortage of staff, shortages in particular skills and rising demand.

Within Solent, we are working with our services to respond to these challenges – ensuring that we have a workforce plan, to keep our services safe and to enable them to be provided into the future. This includes reviewing our recruitment practice, skill mix and to promote Solent as an organisation that attracts and retains high calibre and a motivated workforce.


Question from Table 7

How does the Trust feedback to people with regards to issues raised?

Our Chairman, Alistair Stokes and Chief Nurse, Jackie Ardley provided responses at the meeting.



Our publication of SHINE magazine regularly features articles where we provide updates on issues and topics of interest.

We also have a thorough complaints process – whereby all response letters are checked prior to being sent and we continue to further improve the experiences and engagement of service users.


Question from Table 8

Is the Trust taking an interest in bus services to sites, in particular St Mary’s Hospital?

Our Director of Finance, Andrew Strevens, provided a response at the meeting.



We are actively engaged with Portsmouth City Council and the bus providers regarding bus routes for both our patients and staff to the St Mary’s site – all parties are keen to find solutions.


Question from Table 10

How can Solent support learning and sharing across all organisations?

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dan Meron, provided a response at the meeting.


At Solent, we have a number of initiatives including our Quality Improvement Programme and have implemented a Learning Framework, all aimed at identifying, promoting and embedding learning across the organisation. Whilst we recognise the importance of learning from our mistakes and what went wrong, we also acknowledge that we need to share learning from what went well.


Question noted during table discussions

How does the trust work with other trusts like Southern?


We have a very strong working relationship with all other trusts in the area including Southern. We operate some joined up teams, work together on improvement projects and are formal partners in the Portsmouth and SE Hampshire system, committed to improving services to keep people safe and well and independent


Your Idea

You said…

We did…

Idea noted during table discussions

Need Defibs in public places in Southampton


There are defibrillators in some community settings and we would support the deployment and availability of more.



Idea noted during table discussions

When you get militant in wanting huge pay rises due to demands by sections of staff, example Junior Doctors. Every year the Government gives a set amount for the year, this is free for all for staff and I feel more militancy is coming into system



Thank you for your comment – however we don’t believe we can adequately provide a response to this.

Idea noted during table discussions

Young shapers to help with making information useful for your people using digital platforms etc.

Thank you for this suggestion, we are looking to drive forward our digital platforms and will be delighted to work with our young shapers on this in the forthcoming year.

Idea noted during table discussions

- How about a third party such as Healthwatch (Ports, Soton, Hampshire) having a spot critiquing Solent NHS Trust at the actual AGM?

- Maybe a Q+A with Healthwatch chairing of a panel?

Thank you for your suggestion.

We will be involving more people in the development of our next AGM, and will be asking local Healthwatch organisations if they would be interested in being part of the group.

Idea noted during table discussions

Like the format, like volunteers being invited, venue not ideal

Thank you. We were pleased to have the presence of some of our volunteers who provide a valuable service within the Trust.


We will be re-looking at the options for venues which are large enough to accommodate a large scale event and which are accessible for people living in Southampton and Portsmouth. We have received positive feedback about the opportunity for people to be transported to Highpoint and will be looking to open this up wider, if needed, for future AGM events.


Table discussions

Table 1


Our Response

It would be helpful to understand what is going to happen at the AGM. More info on what is expected from me at AGM would have been useful before the event

Thank you. We will be starting to organise our 2019 event in the new year and will ensure your feedback is considered as part of our planning.


Useful to see the new technology and experience things

No response needed

Presentation – the right amount of information, liked case studies and films

No response needed


Table 2


Our Response

Health information should be made more accessible for people who have a Learning Disability, e.g. blood test results provided in a way that can be understood

Over the last few years we have been working hard to improve the support we offer to people with different communication and information needs.

We have worked in partnership with our Learning Disability service users to develop a range of Easy Read resources, many of these are available on our website

If you have any suggestions for additional accessible resources, please contact us at

Useful to have found out about the Health Passport


No response needed

Query regarding whether we provide ‘hands on’ support for anyone who needs help completing a form

As part of our Accessible Information Screening programme, one of the key questions asks if someone needs communication support i.e. completing a form. If this need is identified, there should be the support available.

Information should be made available in large print

As part of this year’s AGM there were a number of people who requested large print information and this was made available to them in a large print information pack.

As part of our Accessible Information Screening programme, one of the key questions asks what format people need their information and one of the options is large print. If this need is identified, all of the information we provide should be available in this format.

Need to have better information about services before you go to them, including photos of who you will see and in easy read format

We recognise that there is more work to do and will continue to work with our Communications Team and in consideration of Accessible Information to make these improvements.


Accessible information must be useful to you, not just easy to understand- need to involve service users in reviewing the content of information

We agree that service user involvement is essential to enable information to be tailored to individual’s needs. We have worked with a number of service user groups and patient leads in the development of our resource. Sometimes it can be difficult to reach consensus on the design, however we place importance on the whole process, including the delivery of the accessible information.

Better preparation is needed for children transitioning to adult services. Clinicians need to prepare people better

In Portsmouth, our transition process for our Child and Adolescence Mental Health (CAMHs) users starts from 14 years for clients with Learning Disabilities and 17 years 4 months for all other CAMHs clients. There are strong relationships between our CAMHs Service and our adult mental health and learning development services to ensure appropriate planning prior to transition, including ensuring that our paper work is ‘user friendly’.


Despite this, we recognise and accept that there are still improvements needed, and to ensure continuity in our transition processes across the geography we operate.



Positive feedback given regarding accessing CAMHS

No response needed

Need bigger cultural changes outside health, e.g. in schools and communities

We recognise that the wider determinants of health have a huge impact on our communities and continue to work with our partners across the Hampshire and Isle of Wight geography as part of the Sustainability & Transformation Partnership plans.



Table 3


Our Response

General Public not aware of differences between NHS Trusts and how they work together

o How do we make it easier

o Want package of care to be seamless so want it to be continuous and clear

Our main ambition in Solent is to join up services- we are focusing on the development of neighbourhood teams for adults which bring together health and social care, and primary care all together in one team working round the individual. The same is happening in children services.

How can Solent make changes to the system so patients and carers are directed to the right place at the night time (system works for them)

We haven’t yet found the right way to do this- each organisation has its own single point of access. We have a project running in Portsmouth to try to have one place to go to, but this hasn’t concluded an ideal way yet.


Table 4


Our Response

Good to see patients and staff involved in Quality Improvement

No response needed

Inspiring organisational values

No response needed

As a non-member of staff, I feel included

No response needed

It’s a shame some of these improvements don’t get in the press

As part of the development of our communications and engagement strategy we will considering how we use the local media to celebrate more of the great care we provide, our learning and improvements so that we can keep the public informed about what we are doing.

How do we share and discuss the things that haven’t gone so well? Could say what the risk is and what is the plan?

We have a real commitment to learning and improving and have implemented a learning framework internally to share learning and best practice across our teams and colleagues.

Outside our organisation, we have started to use social media to improvements that have been made as a result of our learning. SHINE, our flagship magazine, includes a Quality Improvement sections which features articles about improvements we have made. Your feedback is very valuable and we will use it to think about the stories we include in future editions.

Good to see Quality demonstrated

No response needed

We liked the participation – much improvement on last year

No response needed

We liked the accessibility

No response needed

There is some substance behind what we do

No response needed

The stories help to understand

No response needed

We shared other similar examples

No response needed

We talked about how we ask patients about their experiments in our services

No response needed


Table 7


Our Response

Did well not to use too much jargon. General tone was good. Do we do that in day to day practice?

No response needed


o How far is Solent going to use health technologies to improve access to servies e.g. crises website?

We are always trying to use technology to the best effect -including exploring innovative ways for patients to access our services. For example, at the moment we are considering using Skype for consultations – allowing patients and service users to connect with clinicians from their homes or place of work.



o How is the money being spent e.g. how much is preventative care with the young?

Please review our Annual Report for a breakdown of spend.

Story / strategy – Very clear and well-articulated. Could we present the “good stuff” more e.g. to patients waiting

Thank you. We have recently been investing in communications activities to increase how we share our strategy and our team’s stories of how they make a difference and keep people safe, well and independent. We are developing communications from a patient’s perspective of how we have made a difference to them.


Table 11


Our Response

I.T is improving

No response needed

Joined up services

No response needed

CAB is vm and similar journey

No response needed

Linking NHS and 3rd sector organisation

In both cities as part of our work on developing future models of health and care we recognise the vital contribution that 3rd sector organisations can make and are developing with our partners ways, in which we can make this a reality into the future .


We have excellent relationships with some third sector organisations (Solent Mind, Society St James, Marie Curie etc) but recognise that there are many more to engage with.


The challenges of inter-operability

o Making efficient referrals without sending people back to GP

We continue to work with our GP partners to improve patient experience

There is a big project in the Portsmouth system to address this. Examples include;

· We are working with Primary care to share the same clinical record system and our social care colleagues will join next year. Being on the same clinical information system allows us to coordinate care easier without the need for referral.

· We are working with Portsmouth Hospitals Trust on a project to request advice and guidance from the hospital consultants, to ensure any referral is really necessary.



Table 12


Our Response

The community engagement event enabled us to reflect how “big” Solent is and how we provide our services to different generations

o Need to “showcase” our services better and internally!

o Great way to bring our people together

Thank you. We have recently been undertaking communication activities to share how our teams make a difference and keep people safe, well and independent. Shine, our regular magazine, which is sent internally and externally also celebrates the great care our teams provide.


We will also be creating more films, like the one showed at the AGM, to showcase our services.

More participative event

No response needed


Table ?


Our Response

Ambiguity is a challenge

No response needed

Great message re staffing feeling valued and to make patient journey and experience value – from Jackie

No response needed

Encouraging Andrews leadership, great momentum

o Fraud management – especially around outsourcing and procurement

Our Counter Fraud service receives referrals for investigation from members of staff and the public, which are assessed and followed up with appropriate enquiries where appropriate.

Staff training on induction and robust systems for fraud

Our Counter Fraud service receives referrals for investigation from members of staff and the public, which are assessed and followed up with appropriate enquiries where appropriate.


Table ?


Our Response

IT systems don’t connect!

We recognise the challenge that interoperability across IT systems presents. We have made good progress in this area and have implemented the same clinical system across our services – but we

recognise there is more to do particularly across health and social care boundaries

More joining up needed: services, commissioners and providers


Both cities are developing fully integrated neighbourhood teams for both adults and children that integrate health, social care, as well as primary and community care

Longer for the community event please!

We will be starting to plan next year’s event in early 2019. To ensure we provide a good quality, accessible and useful event, we will consider all of the feedback and learning from the 2018 event as part of our planning process

More accessible communication for all service users

Our goal is for everyone to receive the communication and information support that they need. Every month we are seeing an improvement in our Accessible Information screening. We now have a dedicated team working across the Trust to raise awareness, deliver staff training and support the development of accessible resources.

Right for the individual, not blanket approaches

No response needed

More freedom from policy makers

No response needed

How can we better support learning & sharing within and across services/organisations?

At Solent, we value learning as a way to accelerate improvement. We launched a learning framework that will enable us to take any incident or feedback, whether positive or adverse, and distil it into real change for the better, and make a positive difference for people.

Theme: integration, joining up, collaborative, simplification

No response needed


Table ?


Our Response

Staff investment reaps benefit

No response needed

AGM NOT boring

No response needed

Consistency of strategy and values

No response needed

QI strong / research academy

No response needed

Think about how to share best practice

We have recently implemented a learning framework with the aim of doing just that – sharing best practice and things we’ve done well, as well as sharing lessons learnt when things haven’t gone as we had hoped or to the standard that we aspire to.

System integrator

No response needed

Brought the AGM to life

No response needed

Consistent values and strategy

No response needed

Reflect what it is like to work

No response needed