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Consultations and surveys


In December 2015 we asked you, our members,to complete a survey in order for us to hear your views on a number of issues. We had more than 230 responses and a brief summary of the results is set out below.

As a member of Solent NHS Trust, your voice in helping us shape and improve our current and future services is very important. You can make a difference – it really is your NHS and we are driven by what you say.

You told us:

• almost 40% of you said that email is the best way to contact you in the future

• the second most popular way for you to give us your feedback was through surveys; this could be in Shine magazine, online or available in health and care settings. We know it is important to remember not everyone has access to the internet and we will keep this in mind.

• only 44% of you knew of our local plans to bring together health services and social care services – we need to do more to share information with you and get your views

• most of the people who responded aren’t currently using any health or care services but the most common service people access is their GP (51%)

• sharing health and care records: a large majority of you (72%) believe that your health and care records should be shared between services, with the ability to opt out. Some of you would like to know more about this,and the feedback from those who expressed concern about their personal information being shared is really helpful in planning how this develops.

• when asked what you could do to be healthier, 63% of you thought that improving your diet, losing weight or taking more exercise would help. We will build this into our approach to supporting you to live well.

• when asked what we could do better, there was a strong message that we need to share information about our services more clearly – we will be talking to a range of people to help us improve in this area.

 What next:

Based on the information you have given us, we will be sending out further requests for feedback on specific issues to make sure we are heading in the right direction with our proposals.

 We will be developing a communications plan jointly with our local partners. Later this year we will set out the key principles of this on our website and will include highlights in Shine magazine.

 Thank you to everyone who took part.


Your feedback is important to us

We are committed to engaging with local people to improve our Trust and our services. One way we do this is via public consultations. These are designed to help find out what people want from our services.

These help us to:

Department of Health consultations

Visit the Department of Health website to see a list of current consultations.

For further information please contact the Marketing Communications Team on 023 8060 8935.