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Journey towards becoming a Foundation Trust on hold

Announcement on our future plans (Dec 2015)

The health and social care environment is going through a period of radical and rapid change nationally and locally and we at Solent NHS Trust have been at the forefront of some of these changes as we develop our plans with partner organisations in the cities and across the county. Solent has an important future as a key player in the evolving, local health and social care economy, and will continue to play its part as a distinct and separate organisation. However, we must be dynamic and responsive to enable the rapid change we need to deliver new models of care with our partners.

For this to happen we need our staff to feel they are central to our decision making and planning and to make this happen, we want to invest our time and energy into engaging and valuing our staff, ensuring the safety of our services and making the changes we need to ensure our services are fit for the future.

To ensure we are prepared for the decisions we need to make as we move towards new models of care, we need to be open minded to the best business models we could adopt to deliver our goals. To this end and to ensure we focus on the right things, the Board has decided to step off of the Foundation Trust pipeline at this time. This decision does not mean that at a later date we won’t return to our Foundation Trust application; the effort and commitment that so many have invested in the FT process will stand us in good stead.

As our plans progress, we may see that there are different organisational models that are better suited to the services that we would wish to provide. However, as we explore all these options with you we will invest more time, energy and resource into working with our staff, patients, service users, carers and the public. We will embed a culture of continuous learning and quality improvement so that Solent NHS Trust is a place where people choose to work and to receive their care.

The Board is very proud of the services provided by Solent NHS Trust and of the staff who work tirelessly to deliver these services. We have achieved so much to date, and have so much more to give, as we work with partners to shape the future of health and care in Hampshire. The Board firmly believes that Solent NHS Trust has a strong future with much opportunity to grow and develop our services. There are no plans for Solent to merge with or be acquired by any other organisation. The Board want our staff to feel proud to be part of Team Solent now and in the years to come.

Through membership we will listen to your views and opinions which will help us to influence decisions about the Trust’s future.