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Gender pay gap

Our Gender Pay Gap Report

In line with new government regulations, we have published our gender pay gap report that is based on our March 2017 workforce. Gender pay gap reports the average difference in pay between male and female employees across the Trust.

Our report, which you can read in full here tells us that the mean hourly rate for our female employees in this organisation is 14.72% lower than our male employees. This is compared with an average pay gap in favour of men across the country of 18.4% as being reported in the national press. On average our female staff earn approximately £2.62 per hour less than a male colleague.

Factors such as salary sacrifice arrangements (e.g. childcare vouchers and nursery fees) have an impact on this average (mean) figure. When we look at the median (the average hourly rate at the mid-point for each gender),the female median hourly rate is only 0.07% lower than our male employees. Put differently, when comparing median hourly rates, women earn 9p less per hour than male colleagues.

Whilst we compare favorably with the national average there is clearly further work to be done to close the gap. Our gender pay gap exists largely because we have a greater number of women in the workforce with a higher proportion in our lower level roles.

There is absolute commitment from our Chief Executive, Sue Harriman, and the Solent NHS Trust Board to close the pay gap in our organisation. Over the last few years, we have taken deliberate and proactive steps to ensure we promote equality, diversity and inclusion within the workplace. For instance, our ‘Great Place to Work’ programme with the aim, amongst others, to ensure that we become an employer of choice in how we model our values through our behaviours and actions.

We also have a well-established group working on Equality, which has helped us to identify diversity issues and develop targeted action to continually build awareness and reduce bias in the workplace.

Further information on how our gender pay gap is being addressed can be accessed by contacting our Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Kathryn Smith by email on