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How we make decisions

Decision-making processes and records of decisions

Board papers – agenda, supporting papers and minutes

Trust board minutes and the minutes of similar meetings where decisions are made about the provision of services, excluding material that is properly considered to be private, to be readily available to the public.

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Board meetings

The Board meets publicly every other month. Members of the public are welcome to attend the public sessions of Board meetings.

All approved minutes of Trust Board meetings are available on this website or by contacting the Trust Administrator on Tel: 023 8029 6906.

Patient and public involvement strategy (PPI)

Patient and Public Involvement Forum
The Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health (CPPIH) was established on 1 January 2003, and is responsible for setting up a Patient and Public Involvement Forum for each Primary Care Trust and NHS Trust in England. Following the dissolution of Community Health Councils from 1 December 2003, Patient and Public Involvement Forums will become the new independent voice for the public in health care. They will have new powers and a special role in ensuring a more patient-centred NHS for the future. The Patient and Public Involvement Forum will be comprised of 15 - 20 members of the public, to be supported by the NHS. The Patient and Public Involvement forum will elect one of its members to sit on the Trust Board.

Public consultations (for example, variations of services)

Details of consultation exercises with access to the consultation papers or information about where the papers can be obtained. The results of consultation exercises.

Overview and Scrutiny Committees (OSC)

Since January 2003, all local authorities with Social Services responsibilities have had the power to scrutinise health services. This contributes to their wider role in health improvement and reducing health inequalities for their area. Information about the OSC for Solent NHS Trust can be found on:
Southampton City Council's website.
Portsmouth City Council
Hampshire County Council

Influencing the Trust

To find out more about patient and public involvement in the NHS, visit the Department of Health website.

Internal communications guidance and criteria used for decision making i.e. process systems and key personnel

Where access to internal instructions, manuals and guidelines for dealing with the business of the Trust would assist public understanding of the way decisions are made these should be readily available.

Medicines Formulary
The Medicines Formulary provides a list of those medications available for routine prescribing within local Acute Trusts and those recommended within Solent NHS Trust.