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Self management

Physiotherapy and MSK programme resource

Please bear in mind that these exercises have been developed to use alongside advice from your physiotherapist or GP.

Back flexibility exercises


Strengthening exercises
for the knee


Rotator cuff strengthening exercises


Simple back stretches to help prevent aches and pains.


Knee strengthening exercises help you with walking and could prevent knee pain.


These exercies can improve stability and strength.


Shoulder movement exercises


Shoulder stretching exercises


Softening exercises for
the lower back


These two exercises could improve a range of movement and flexibility for conditions such as frozen shoulders.


These two exercises could improve a range of movement and flexibility for conditions such as frozen shoulders.


Theseexercies can reduce tension in the lower back .


Pain Self Management programme resources


Key Consideration for movement awareness   3 minute breathing space   10 minute mindfulness exercise

A reminder to look after yourself when performing movements using awarness and breath.


A short mindfulness exercice to enable you to check in with your bodies sensations, thoughts and feelings. This exercice is particulary useful when time is short.


An opportunity to practice mindfulness on a regular basis to improve your technique.

Body Scan   Body awarness   Leaf on a stream

A body awareness exercise for the whole of the body providing an opportunity to consider whatever comes up, using the breath to explore sensations both wanted and unwanted.


This exercise helps you to explore the sensations that arise in your body, helping you to let go.


A visualisation exercise helps you to observe your thoughts with openness, to watch them float by without getting caught up in them.

Expansion exercise   Observer self    

This exercise helps you to accept your feelings and sensations associated with persistent pain. It helps you to observe and make space for your pain experience, and to widen your awareness, connecting with the world around you.


An exercise to help you to detach from your thoughts and feelings through taking a step back and observing them, rather than ‘experiencing’ or ‘being’ them.


Support Available

There are a range of resources available to support you with managing your musculoskeletal and pain conditions. These range from online resources to local support groups to national support groups who may have local branches.

Help to get active

We recommend the following websites/apps to support you with managing your pain:

The main local pain support groups are Keeping Pace: Southampton and Friends Through Pain in Fareham and

General support:

National Support Groups