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Specialist Musculoskeletal (MSK)

To be seen by the Specialist MSK Team a referral needs to be made to the Physiotherapy service. The process for making that referral depends on which GP practice you are registered with

Portsmouth and Southampton - Patients registered with a GP in these areas can refer themselves to Physiotherapy, or be referred by the GP. (link to self ref page?)

Fareham/Gosport/South East Hampshire- Patients registered with a GP in these areas require a GP referral into their local Physiotherapy service.

Please view the list of GP practices for Fareham/Gosport and for South East Hampshire. If you are registered with one of these GP practices you require your GP to make a referral into Physiotherapy to access the Solent Specialist MSK team

Once your referral has been made into Physiotherapy you may then be offered MSK Physiotherapy first, or where appropriate the referral may be transferred to the Solent Specialist MSK Team.