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Specialist Pain

The most straightforward way to be referred is to ask your GP to make a referral. Sometimes other health care professionals who you are seeing such as a neurologist or a specialist physiotherapist may refer.

When considering whether this is the right time for you to be referred it is important to consider what kind of help you are looking for. A pain management service cannot offer a complete cure for your pain nor any medication that will completely take away the pain  and much of the work that is done is focused on helping you enjoy a better quality of life despite pain.

When they receive the referral  the team will look through the information and any questionnaires you  may complete to decide whether this is the right place for you. Sometimes people are signposted to other services as there may be something else that needs to be dealt with, this can include needing other medical treatments or needing support from other services better placed to help you. If your referral is not accepted this doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t see you in the future, it just means that at the moment we don’t feel we can help until other things have been addressed. If we reject a referral we will always explain the reason why and we will make recommendations where we can.