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About Us

We are a highly trained and experienced team of physiotherapists and podiatrists. We care very much about making a difference to people who use our services. Solent MSK services include physiotherapy, specialist orthopaedic assessment teams, pain and chronic fatigue teams.

We care very much about getting to the cause of your pain and helping you to get back to living a normal and pain free life.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) means a disorder, or injury with your muscles, bones, or joints. Muscle and joint problems are the biggest cause of work absence and physical disability in the UK.

Solent NHS MSK has several services to help you manage or treat your condition:

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Our aim is to provide you with effective tools to help you manage or treat your condition, in a timely manner, and in as few appointments as needed. Solent NHS manages this through clinically reviewing your referral information before an appointment and placing you with the most appropriate service for input.

On this web site you will find information about our services and some of our first line management / self-help guides -patient information and exercise leaflets and options for a variety of conditions, including video clips of exercises and helpful links to external websites.

Each service has friendly staff that will do their best to support you to get back to normal daily activities as soon as possible. We actively encourage patients to provide feedback on their experiences with our services so that we can improve and develop the service to better suit your needs. Please ask on attendance for a feedback form.