Orthodontic - Patient Advice

Your child has been referred for NHS Orthodontic Assessment

Your dentist has decided to refer you to see an orthodontist about the alignment of their teeth and/or bite. At this assessment the orthodontist may feel that your child needs to have braces. They will discuss this fully with you so a decision about the right treatment can be made.
There are three main reasons for having orthodontic treatment:

Referrals will only be accecpted from your Dentist.

To receive NHS orthodontic treatment patients need to be assessed by an orthodontist using a special index called the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN). When the index is measured at or above a level set by national guidance, it is clinically appropriate for them to receive NHS orthodontic treatment. Your dentist believes that this is applicable to your child and that a referral to an orthodontist to confirm this is needed.
You can choose the orthodontist who you would wish your child to see and your dentist can help you to choose if you would like them to. If you would like your child to see a particular orthodontist please let your dentist know when the referral is made. If you or your dentist doesn’t have a preference they can refer your child to the nearest orthodontist with the shortest wait.
Your dentist will send a referral letter to the Hampshire Orthodontic Central Referral Centre. The referral centre may contact you to advise that alternative orthodontists have shorter waiting times. You can choose at that time to continue to wait or move your referral to an alternative orthodontist.
To see a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for patients, parents and carers, please click here.