Residential Care

If you care for someone at home

Listed below is a selection of sub-headings and page numbers from the "Mouths Matter" handbook. To access the handbook please click here.

Adult oral health: applying All Our Health

Evidence and guidance to help healthcare professionals improve dental health in adults.Adult oral health: applying All Our Health


Inequalities in later life

This report examines the disparities in health, financial security, social connections and housing faced by older people and how the negative impacts of these accumulate for those who are worse off. It highlights how poor education, work opportunities and a lack of social connection can have long-term consequences for physical and mental health. The main report is accompanied by an insight report which outlines the implications of the findings.

Inequalities in later life


Older people living with frailty in hospitals

This review brings together research on what can be done to identify and manage the needs of frail older people living in hospital. It covers four key aspects of caring for this group of people: assessment; identifying and managing symptoms associated with frailty in hospital; discharge planning; caring environments. Report


 If you work in a residential care home

Using the training video below and the "Mouths Matter" handbook will assist you and your staff to provide effective mouth care for your residents.

You can also access a helpful training presentation by clicking here.

If you require futher support please contact the Oral Health Lead Special Care Dental Nurse