How to access this service

Special Care Dental Service

To access the service you must be registered with a Hampshire General Medical Practitioner (GP). A health professional (Doctor, Nurse, Dentist), carer or family member can complete the referral form on your behalf. If you require a home visit you can also fill the form in yourself. To see referral guidelines and access referral forms, please follow the links below.

Special Care Dental Services

Referral for NHS Orthodontic Assessment

Referral for NHS Minor Oral Surgery

Send the form to us by post, using the addresses on the front of the document. Alternatively you can email us your completed form.

If you have any questions or are unsure if you are suitable for our service please contact us.

NHS Dental Practice and Dental Emergency

If you are not eligible to be seen within our service and are looking for a regular NHS dentist or are experiencing a dental emergency you can contact The Dental Helpline by phoning 111 alternatively you can visit their website