Who is this service for?

Special Care Dental Service
We provide oral health care and dental treatment for children and adults that have an impairment, disability and/or complex medical condition. This includes those with:

Learning Disabilities  

Severe physical problems

Challenging Behaviour


Frail/elderly or housebound

Severe Physical Disabilities  

Children Living in Care

Autistic Spectrum Disorders


Severe Mental Health Conditions

Medical Special Needs


Severe or debilitating dental phobia

Special Dental Conditions


Patients who have undergone head and neck radiotherapy

Sedation Service
We also offer a sedation service in selected clinics for people who fall into the above categories. This may be provided where treatment under local anaesthesia alone is not feasible and conscious sedation is required.

General Anaesthetic Service
This service is provided for children in pain where extractions under a local anaesthetic would not be feasible or appropriate such as in the very young, the extremely nervous, children with special needs or those requiring several extractions. We also provide this service for adults with special needs.

Dental Passport
The Dental Passport enables patients with learning disabilities to share information with the dental team such as their health and health difficulties, likes and dislikes, and any medication that they may be on. This helps the dental team to have a more complete picture of an individual's life and will ensure a positive experience and outcome.

A copy of the Dental Passport can be accessed by clicking here.