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Support & Treatment

We are a friendly team of psychotherapists and researchers who specialise in the understanding and treatment of common mental health conditions.

Our talking therapies have been proven to help treat a wide range of mental and long-term physical health conditions in young people, adults and older adults. We provide the most appropriate care based on your needs as recommended by the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE).

Please note that certain treatments are recommended first and some treatments may not be recommended for specific mental health conditions. We will explain how these recommendations work during your assessment to help you make an informed choice.

What are the main treatments?

Other treatments

Specialised support

We have developed succesful partnerships to enable specialised support for:-

Employment support

Our experienced employment team specialise in helping people with mental health difficulties start paid work, resolve any difficulties in their current job or apply to a training / education programme.


We are passionate about connecting with the local community in Portsmouth! Our philosophy is to help overcome mental health stigma, to raise awareness about mental health, and to improve accessibility to support at Talking Change. Please visit our 'Workshops' section for our latest schedule!

How do I receive support?

Please click here to refer yourself to Talking Change.