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Mums & Babies

Support before, during and after pregnancy

We are very pleased to announce our collaboration with Julie Whitehead.
Julie (pictured right) has extensive experience working as a midwife for the NHS.
She also pioneered the well-established 'You & Your Baby' support service in Portsmouth.
Together, we provide support to mothers-to-be and new mothers known as

'Real Emotional Support for Pregnancy & Post-natal Depression (RESPOND)'.

Each week, we provide:

The venues alternate between Eastney Community Centre and Highbury Community Centre. Everything we provide is absolutely free. We even provide a crèche for your own peace of mind! Please click here to see our schedule.

Please call Julie on 07833 247634 to find out more! You are very welcome to join us and we look forward to seeing you :)

Treatment for Women

If you are struggling with depression and anxiety after giving birth, you could also benefit from our seven-week course. Please click here for more information.

Support for Men

Father's can also suffer with postnatal depression and anxiety. Please click here for more information.