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I have chronic pain / fatigue

Living with persistent pain and/or excessive tiredness can be very challenging. You might experience physical symptoms such as back and muscle pain, lethargy, loss of motivation and limited mobility. As well as this, you can lose interest in what you enjoyed before, become less active and more isolated. You may be worried about your health and struggle to sleep well at night.

Understandably, experiencing all of these challenges may also lead to becoming less confident in ourselves and even change how we view ourselves and others. Depression and anxiety are a common problem for people with a chronic pain or fatigue. Research suggest up to 30-45% of patients with long term pain or chronic fatigue syndrome, can have depression and/or anxiety, which makes it difficult to progress, take part in rehabilitation and live a more fulfilled life.

What treatment is there?

The sort of treatment you're offered for a long-term physical health condition that affects your mental health will depend on:

The main treatments are:

How do I receive support?

Please click here to refer yourself to Talking Change.