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I've had a stroke

The damage that a stroke causes to your brain can affect your life in lots of different ways. Having a stroke is unexpected and scary. It can leave people frustrated, low in mood or worried.

In 2011 it was found that 33% of stroke survivors have depression. Many people may think this is part of their symptoms, or that they can’t do anything about these feelings.

Whether you have experienced a stroke yourself, or you are a partner, family member or carer for someone who has had a stroke, Talking Change may be able to help you.

What treatment is there?

The sort of treatment you're offered for a long-term physical health condition that affects your mental health will depend on:

  • how much your symptoms are affecting you
  • your personal preference for what sort of treatment you find helps you

The main treatments are:

How do I receive support?

Please click here to refer yourself to Talking Change.