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Mental Health

Looking after our wellbeing...

Looking after our mental health is crucial to our emotional wellbeing and yet it's common for people to feel embarrassed or ashamed about it. The old stigma surrounding mental health, however, is starting to wear away as we begin to talk about our feelings. Encouragingly, The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and several celebrities have talked openly about the importance of speaking about our mental health and seeking support from a service like Talking Change.

Talking Change is a friendly team of psychotherapists and researchers who specialise in the understanding and treatment of common mental health conditions. We can help you improve your emotional wellbeing so that you have a better quality of life. Please take your time to learn more about mental health, discover the wide variety of treatments that we offer, and consider how we may be able to support you.

Talking Change is a free local service provided by Solent NHS Trust for people aged sixteen and over who are registered with a GP in Portsmouth. We provide treatment in GP surgeries and hospitals across the city.

How do I receive support?

Please click here to refer yourself to Talking Change.