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Community and mental health services for Southampton, Portsmouth and parts of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Clinical Service(s) FOI Request - 2019/20 Onwards

Clinical Service(s) FOI Request - 2019/20 Onwards

FOI_1139_Mental Health Services


FOI_1152_Inpatients at Orchards Mental Health Unit

FOI_1153_ADHD Services

FOI_1155_Use of Dogs in Solent

FOI_1163_Translation and Interpretation Services Information

FOI_1165_Psychiatric Inpatient Wards - Parental and Family Data

FOI_1169_MH Trusts Spend on Services

FOI_1172_Eating Disorder Services and ADRTs

FOI_1174_Do You Have a Virtual Ward

FOI_1175_Adult Eating Disorders

FOI_1178_NHS Mental Health Services (Part 1)

FOI_1178_NHS Mental Health Services (Part 2)

FOI_1179_Bariatric Equipment

FOI_1181_CAMHS Tier 4

FOI_1182_Hoarding and Self Neglect

FOI_1184_Neurodevelopmental Services for CYP

FOI_1195_Infant and Breastfeeding

FOI_1199_Gender Identity Training CAMHS

FOI_1203_IUD Fittings and Removals

FOI_1208_Therapy Waiting Times (AMH)

FOI_1208_Therapy Waiting Times (CAMHS)

FOI_1213_Sexual Safety Policy (Document 1)

FOI_1213_Sexual Safety Policy (Document 2)

FOI_1219_Weight Management Service

FOI_1223_Eating Disorder Waiting Times

FOI_1227_IAPT Services

FOI_1229_Obesity Referrals

FOI_1234_Transfusion Free Surgeries

FOI_1240_Eating Disorders, Obesity and Weight Management

FOI_1242_'Use of Force' Policies (Document 1)

FOI_1242_'Use of Force' Policies (Document 2)

FOI_1244_Waste Management

FOI_1248_STI Postal Test Kits

FOI_1255_Tongue Tie

FOI_1256_Community Dental Service

FOI_1263_Peri Natal Mental Health Services

FOI_1264_Pregnancy and Miscarriage

FOI_1273_SLT for Children and Young People who Stammer

FOI_1274_Alzheimer's Disease Testing

FOI_1288_Total Cost of STI Tests

FOI_1289_Transplant Training

FOI_1295_Cancer Appointments

FOI_1296_Prosthetic and Orthotic Services

FOI_1298_ETC Treatments

FOI_1305_Crisis Centre

FOI_1310_UK Neurology Workforce

FOI_1319_Scope for Tree of Life in CAMHS

FOI_1321_Patients with Primary Diagnosis of Uterine Fibroids or Endometriosis 

FOI_1324_CCTV Use in Mental Health Suites

FOI_1326_Tic Disorder Clinicians

FOI_1349_Eating Disorders and Weight Management

FOI_1358_Mental Health Services During COVID

FOI_1363_CAMHS Service

FOI_1366_Parkinsons Monitors

FOI_1370_Locked Rehabilitation

FOI_1378_Endoscopy Procedures, Hydrogen Breath Tests, and Waiting Times for Patients Suspected to have Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) 

FOI_1382_Guidelines on the Treatment of Insomnia in Adults

FOI_1388_ADHD Diagnosis

FOI_1392_Paediatric Medical Condition

FOI_1409_Weight Loss Surgery

FOI_1411_ADHD Organisations (Document 1)

FOI_1411_ADHD Organisations (Document 2)

FOI_1423_Out of Area (OOA) Placements and a Delayed Transfer of Care (DTOC)

FOI_1427_Cancer Treatments

FOI_1446_Continence Pads and Containment Products for Disabled Children and Young People

FOI_1448_Diabetes Structured Education

FOI_1461_Pain Education

FOI_1462_Haematological Cancer

FOI_1464_Tier 3 Weight Management Services

FOI_1471_Refurbishment Work at Woolston Health Centre

FOI_1472_Cancer Treatment with Specified Diagnoses Codes

FOI_1473_IVF Treatment

FOI_1480_Unsuitable Housing

FOI_1481_Eating Disorders

FOI_1482_Primary Care Services

FOI_1490_Borderline Personality Disorder

FOI_1491_Specialist Care for Children and Young People with Asthma

FOI_1496_The Number of Women Treated for Heart Attacks

FOI_1499_Blood Contamination

FOI_1508_Congenital Cytomegalovirus Screening and Treatment

FOI_1528_Physical Assaults Against Hospital Staff by Patients and Members of the Public

FOI_1535_Financial Spend of Agency Staff

FOI_1545_MDO Victim Protocol

FOI_1547_Obesity and Weight Management Strategy

FOI_1549_Binge Eating Disorder Services

FOI_1553_Amputations Due to Medical Errors

FOI_1555_Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

FOI_1562_NICE Quality Standard 204 on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

FOI_1569_Escaped From All Mental Health Units

FOI_1574_Policy for Managing People with Intrathecal Drug Delivery Pumps

FOI_1581_Eating Disorder

FOI_1582_Physician Associates

FOI_1585_Complex Home Care Packages for Adults Aged 18

FOI_1586_ADHD Assessment

FOI_1589_Transgender Inpatients in Mental Health Units

FOI_1593_Daily Calls Made to the Urgent Mental Health Helpline

FOI_1595_Melanoma Cancer Care Protocols and Patient Management Details


FOI_1615_CAMHS Referrals

FOI_1625_Talking Therapies

FOI_0705_Sexual Health Services

FOI_0709_Weight Management

FOI_0714_Technology-Facilitated Sexual Abuse

FOI_0721_CAMHS Deaths

FOI_0723_Refusal To Treat Patient

FOI_0725_Heart Failure Service

FOI_0727_Mental Health Patient Homicide

FOI_0731_Learning Disability Nurses

FOI_0740_Health Visiting Team

FOI_0745_Community Dental Service

FOI_0759_Detained Patients

FOI_0800_Sniffer dog visits to mental health wards

FOI_0805_Diabetes Systems

FOI_0810_Purpose Built Rehabilitation Building

FOI_0812_Community Mental Health Framework

FOI_0815_Body Dysmorphic Disorder



FOI_0832_Long COVID Clinics

FOI_0867_GP/ Out Of Hours

FOI_0869_Crisis Lines

FOI_0887_Independent Providers-Mental Health

FOI_0891_Bronchial Challenge Testing

FOI_0897_Hydrotherapy Pools

FOI_0900_Sexual Health Clinic Attendance

FOI_0924_Adult Mental Health Service

FOI_0942_Sexual Health Appointments

FOI_0949_Maternity Services

FOI_0950_Maternity Care for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

FOI_0958_Long Covid Hub for Children and Young People

FOI_0968_Support That is Provided to Staff after Traumatic Incidents


FOI_0986_CAMHS Services

FOI_0988_Management of Self Harm and Suicidal Inpatients

FOI_0999_Eating Disorders

FOI_1003_ADHD Services

FOI_1004_ASD Services

FOI_1005_Events Held Staff Networks within the Trust

FOI_1006_Transvaginal Ultrasounds

FOI_1012_Dental Nursing

FOI_1014_APT Patients with Financial Difficulties

FOI_1017_Fetal Medicine

FOI_1022_Community Speech and Language Therapy

FOI_1043_Urgent Mental Health Helpline

FOI_1044_Clinical Imaging

FOI_1059_NHS Drug Expiry Costs

FOI_1061_Preventing Veteran Suicides

FOI_1066_Eating Disorders in Young People

FOI_1067_Speech and Language

FOI_1070_Senior Staffing Structure in Mental Health Units on Weekends

FOI_1075_Surgery Waiting Times


FOI_1078_Waterloo School

FOI_1084_Coil Wait Times

FOI_1096_Unexpected AMH Deaths

FOI_1098_Menopause Clinics

FOI_1100_Thornbury Nursing Services

FOI_1102_Maternal Vaccinations


FOI_1111_H.Pylori Testing

FOI_1112_CAMHS Referral Refusals

FOI_1120_CAMHS Waiting Times

FOI_1121_Cauda Equiba Syndrome

FOI_1123_GP GMC Numbers



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Released FOI 2020/21for Clinical Service(s)

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Please see below for FOI requests released by Solent NHS Trust primarily for Clinical Service(s) in 2019/20

Released FOI 2019/20 for Clinical Service(s)

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