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FOIs: Clinical services

Please see below for all Freedom of Information requests relating to Solent NHS Trust's clinical service(s) information received since 1st April 2017. If a request has multiple aspects, for example clinical and contracting information the request may also be found on the contracting (or related) pages. If you are unable to find the information that you require or have a query about an FOI request please contact us.


FOI number & description FOI number & description FOI number & description FOI number & description
FOI_04 17/18 - Waiting times for childrens dental hospitals FOI_07 17/18 - Mental Health delayed discharges FOI_11 17/18 - Clinical service incidents caused by estates/ infrastructure failures FOI_14 17/18 - Mental Health Nurse competencies
FOI_16 17/18 - Outpatient hysteroscopy/ biopsy FOI_17 17/18 - Solent NHS Trust's security staff training FOI_19 17/18 - Podiatric services FOI_23 17/18 - Parent training for ADHD provisions
FOI_24 17/18 - Referrals for eating disorders FOI_25 17/18 - Patient transfer to private facilities FOI 29 17/18 - Waiting lists for CAMHS services FOI_37 17/18 - Inpatient eating disorders services
FOI_38 17/18 - Eating disorder services FOI_41 17/18 - Community Dental service FOI_42 17/18 - Secondary care medicines FOI_43 17/18 - Treatment of schizophrenia by long acting depot injections/treatments
FOI_46 17/18 - Securing methods of resuscitation trolleys FOI_49 17/18 - HIV incidences within BME community FOI_50 17/18 - Children and adolescent waiting times for psychological therapies FOI_52 17/18 - OPMH services
FOI_53 17/18 - Mental health patients under the age of 25 FOI_57 17/18 - Operational policy for 136 suite/ places of safety FOI_69 17/18 - CAMHS services FOI_71 17/18 - Discharges of patients aged 65+