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FOIs: Corporate services

Please see below for all Freedom of Information requests relating to Solent NHS Trust's corporate information received since 1st April 2017. If a request has multiple aspects, for example corporate and financial information the request may also be found on the financial (or related) pages. If you are unable to find the information that you require or have a query about an FOI request please contact us.

FOI number & description FOI number & description FOI number & description FOI number & description
FOI_06 17/18 - Discharges, care packages and agency spend FOI_08 17/18 - Solent NHS Trust's systems FOI 15 17/18 - Freedom of Information systems, contracts and costs FOI_21 17/18 - IT system suppliers and windows versions
FOI_22 17/18 - IT team and infrastructure equipment FOI_30 17/18 - Appointment of a Data Protection Officer FOI_31 17/18 - Trust's energy efficiency FOI_33 17/18 - Trust's web filtering solution
FOI_34 17/18 - IT and Cyber security information FOI_35 17/18 - 'WannaCry' ransomware cyber attack FOI_39 17/18 - 'WannaCry' ransomware cyber attack FOI_40 17/18 - ICT manager/ Service manager contact details
FOI_45 17/18 - Head of Research & Performance contact details FOI_48 17/18 - Serious incidents FOI_59 17/18 - Purchasing department contact details FOI_60 17/18 - Gifts and Hospitality register
FOI_62 17/18 - Trust's car parking FOI_63 17/18 - Trust's energy initiatives FOI_72 17/18 - Car parking charges at the Western Hospital and Morgreen Hospital