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Kite Unit Relocation

You may have heard about our proposal to move our specialist neuropsychiatric rehabilitation service, known as the Kite Unit, from St James’ Hospital in Portsmouth to the Western Community Hospital in Southampton.

Staff at the 10 bedded unit provide specialist neuropsychiatric and neuro behavioural services to people from a very wide geographical area across Hampshire and from as far afield as Dorset and Jersey. They help people rebuild their lives after they have had a brain injury. People who stay at the Unit may have difficulties with their memory, behaviour or cognitive ability.

Why do we want to move the unit?

We strive to always deliver the very best care to our service users. Over time it has become apparent that the current building, which houses the Kite Unit, is no longer suitable.

Providing safe, quality services is our highest priority. Whilst staff at the Kite Unit always maintain a high level of care for their patients, the building does not allow them to provide the very best care that they can. The building layout makes it difficult for staff to see patients clearly in some areas (inhibited lines of sight) and to comply with single sex guidance (we can only admit two ladies at any one time).

There have been on-going building works to address these issues and to ensure a safe and equitable environment for our patients. However, the extent of works required, and the physical layout of the building, makes addressing these issues any further challenging.

What are the benefits of the move?

A move to the Western Community Hospital would allow us to improve inhibited lines of sight, as well as offer improved facilities for patients, which could potentially include use of a gym on site at the Western Community Hospital.

It would also mean that the service will no longer need to limit the number of female patients being admitted to two, and could consider increasing the unit size by two beds.

The Kite Unit would also benefit from being situated in the same hospital as Snowdon Ward, our 14-bedded neuro rehab unit. This means that staff would benefit from more opportunities to share skills, information and expertise with colleagues in adjacent wards.

When will we move these services?

We are proposing moving the service in early Summer 2017. However, we are at the planning stage and would like to hear what you think of our proposals.

How can I find out more about your plans for the Kite Unit and share my feedback

We would like to hear what you think of our plans.