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Giving feedback & raising concerns

Solent NHS Trust is committed to understanding the needs and views of the people who use our services. By listening to you, we can learn and continue to improve our services and ensure we are providing high quality care which meets our patients’ needs.

Compliments and suggestions

Although we are here to help address your complaints, we also appreciate people taking the time to let us know when they have had a good experience with our services. Please feel free to tell us something about your experience, or pass on your compliments to staff, or suggest an idea for improving services.

We try to share all the positive feedback we receive with other services so that any ideas or evidence of good practice can be used in other areas to improve the patient experience.


Should you, or a family member, be unhappy with any aspect of your care it is always best to let someone know as soon as possible. We would encourage you to talk to the staff as soon as something happens as very often problems can be sorted out without the need to make a complaint.

If you have tried to sort things out with the staff involved, you can also contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service who will be happy to assist and advise you regarding the NHS complaints process.

Of course you do not have to make a formal complaint and your concerns can be handled informally by the Patient Advice and Liaison Service quickly and efficiently.

Who can complain?

Anyone can complain about the treatment or care they have received. But, if you are complaining about someone else’s care you will need to prove that you have their consent to do so, as we are unable to discuss a patient’s care without their permission. You can either write to us, with a signed statement confirming that they give permission for you to act on their behalf or we can send you a consent form which you can have signed and returned to us.

Consent is not required if you are complaining about:

Things which cannot be managed through the complaints process include?

Contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service to share your views

Patient Advice and Liaison Service and Complaints

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