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Your governors

The Council of Governors is made up of 25 governors, including:

What do governors do?

Governors were elected in 2013 as part of the Trust's journey to becoming a Foundation Trust (FT). However, in December 2015, the Board decided to step off the Foundation Trust Pipeline. As a consequence, the Council, decided to review their terms of reference (how they operate) as there is no required statutory (legal) framework. When the new terms of reference have been agreed by the Board, we will include further information on this webpage regarding the roles of Governors at Solent NHS Trust.

(Once a Trust has been licenced as a Foundation Trust, Governors have a range of powers under the Health and Social Care Act 2012, however as the Trust is not currently a FT, governors have no powers, but the Trust remains committed to engaging with the Governors).

In Solent NHS Trust, Governors act as ‘critical friends’ and advisors, supporting the Board develop the organisation's strategy and plans. They also have a responsibility to engage with members (or the organisations they were nominated by) to ensure their views are taken into account.

Governors are involved in many aspects of the Trust’s business including;