Solent NHS TrustHigh quality community and mental health services

Our Vision and Goals

Our shared vision, which has three goals: Great care, Great place to work and Great value for money, is our aspiration for the future.



What do we mean by 'Great care'?

Many services users have complex needs that involve a number of different agencies. For most of our services it doesn’t make sense to deliver them separately from the services provided by GPs, other NHS providers or social care.

We will deliver care that is safe, joined up, simple and easy to access, and based on the best available evidence.


What do we mean by a 'Great place to work'?

Employee experience has a direct impact on service user experience. Research shows that organisations with high employee engagement are better for patients.

Delivering great care is only possible if people get the practical and emotional support they need.

We are working to improve the development opportunities available to our people, to improve how we communicate and engage with them, and to improve how we involve them in key decisions that have an impact on services.


What do we mean by 'Great value for money'?

We want to make the best use of every pound invested in the NHS.

We will deliver improved value for money:

In our own services:

In the way the whole NHS and care system works locally:

Our Priorities

We have developed our priorites to help us deliver our vision. Our goals, and the priorities below, provide the focus for our work over the coming year.