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Research Passport/Letter of Access

If you are not substantively employed by Solent NHS Trust, you will need either an Honorary Contract or a Letter of Access to give you the necessary access to our services.

Those employed by Higher Education Institutions (HEI), including postgraduate students, must obtain a research passport using the NIHR form. University of Southampton staff and postgraduate students should use the local website. The Research Passport, together with CV and GCP training certificate, is sent to the Research department. The passport must contain information about the type of research activity (risk to patients), pre-engagement checks, CRB and occupational health clearance and access to which Solent NHS Trust facilities are required.

Once you have your research passport, we can issue a Letter of Access following verification of documents – please arrange to visit the research team. These documents include:

Those employed by the NHS

Those employed by the NHS can gain a letter of access following the completion of the NHS to NHS confirmation of pre-engagement checks by their HR department.

If you think you require an Honorary Contract, please contact:

Supporting Documents