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ARSAC:Administration of Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee

Chief Investigator: The investigator with overall responsibility for the research. In a multi-site study, the CI has co-ordinating responsibility for research at all sites. All applications for ethical review should be submitted by the CI

CLRN: Co-ordinated Local Research Network

CQC: Care Quality Commission

CRB: Criminal Records Bureau

CRN: Clinical Research Network

CSP: Co-ordinated System for Gaining (NHS) Permission

DH: Department of Health

e-dge: Online database system for research management

ETCs: Excess Treatment Costs

FSF: Flexibility and Sustainability Funding

GTAC: Gene Therapy Advisory Committee

GUM: Genito-Urinary Medicine

H&IOW CLRN: Hampshire and IOW CLRN

IG: Information Governance

IP: Intellectual Property

IRAS: Integrated Research Application System

Lead site: In the case of a multi-site study, the site for which the chief investigator is also the principal investigator

LoA: Letter of Access

Local Collaborator: A person undertaking certain types of straightforward research procedure, not requiring the appointment of a principal investigator. Local collaborators at NHS sites must seek a SSA from the R&D office

MHRA:Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

NIGB: National Information Governance Board

NIHR: National Institute for Health Research

Non-PF: Non-portfolio

NRES: National Research Ethics Service

PCRN: Primary Care Research Network

PF: Portfolio

PHT: Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

PIAG: Patient Information Advisory Group

PIC: Participant Identification Centre

PPI: Patient and Public Involvement

Principal Investigator: The investigator responsible for the research site where the study involves specified procedures requiring Site Specific Assessment (SSA). There should be one PI for each research site. In the case of a single-site study, the chief investigator and the PI will normally be the same person

R&D: Research and Development

RDS: Research Design Service

Research site: The organisation or unit responsible for conducting any of the research procedures in a study at a particular locality

RM&G: Research Management and Governance

RSS: Research Support Services

SCPCT: Southampton City Primary Care Trust

Shared RM&G: Shared Research Management and Governance Service

SHC: Solent Healthcare

SLA: Service Level Agreement

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

SSCs: Service Support Costs

SSI form: Site Specific Information Form

UHS: University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust