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In order to conduct research at Solent NHS Trust you will need to gain National Research Ethics Approval AND Trust R&D Approval.

To begin, you need to classify your research. The information below explains the difference between study types:

Portfolio and Non-Portfolio

Research Site or PIC

National Research Ethics Approval

The National Research Ethics Service (NRES) was established to safeguard the rights, safety, dignity, and well-being of people participating in research in the National Health Service. Through their Research Ethics Committees they review applications for research and give an opinion about the proposed participant involvement and whether the research is ethical. The NRES website provides guidance documents and links to the Department of Health and other relevant organisations' websites for further information.

These committees are entirely independent of research sponsors (the organisations funding and hosting the research) and investigators, ensuring participants are always at the centre of the research.

There are around 80 committees with each consisting of between 7 and 19 volunteer members. At least one-third of the committee must be lay members – people whose main personal or professional interest is not in a research area. The remainder of the committee are expert members, who are specialists including doctors, other healthcare professionals and academics.

Ethics applications are made through the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS).

  1. The Gaining National Research Ethics Approval page explains the process you should follow.
  2. The IRAS page explains what IRAS is and which forms it creates.
  3. The IRAS Application Procedure page explains how to use IRAS.

Trust R&D Approval

  1. You should email us at with an expression of interest and we will be able to help you set up your project.
  2. The Gaining Trust Approval page explains the process you should follow.
  3. The Solent Governance Procedure page explains the processes we follow to assess your application and grant you permission to conduct your research at Solent NHS Trust.
  4. The Templates page provides templates of the documents you will need to provide us with, while the glossary explains some of the terms.
  5. When all the approvals have been granted we will issue you with a letter of approval allowing you to begin your research.