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Information for Researchers

Information for Researchers on PPI (Patient Public Involvement)

You’ve landed here because you want to know more about involving patients/public/service users or carers in your research project.

PPI/User Involvement - where do you go from here?

If you're applying for an NIHR grant you may have asked for help from the Research Design Service (RDS). For all research applications for funding, If Solent NHS is to be used as a 'site' you can come direct to the PPI Facilitator.

There are many resources to help you. Please email for further advice.

Why we need Patient & Public Involvement?

We want to encourage patients and the public to be actively involved in health and social care research (as well as audit and service evaluation), to:

Finding PPI representatives for your study


If you need to advertise, please contact the Team to access templates and ideas for advertisement/flyers and get advice on how to approach this.


GP surgeries, health centres, outreach centres, hospital clinics, supermarkets, children’s centres, other specific organisations i.e. disability centres or even if a general member of the public your local shopping precinct, activity centre etc.

Next steps

We can help facilitate a meeting between researchers and new Patient Public involvees, give advice on inclusion, and making that first meeting part of the valuable process of building relationships as your collaborators.

What are the benefits of PPI?

Ideally, you should think about PPI representatives to have an active role in the design of your research and application for funding stage. Examples of this include:

Hints and tips

To ensure you get the best out of your involvees and they get the best out of you/the project.