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Dedicated research physiotherapists

Solent NHS Trust has two research physiotherapists based at St Mary’s Community Health Campus, Portsmouth. Kim Brown and Emma Mcloughlin are both musculoskeletal physiotherapists and their aim is to attract new research and raise the profile of research within the Trust.

Get involved

If you are a clinician or investigator who would like advice about any aspect of research within Solent physiotherapy services, or a patient/carer who would like to become involved in research, please get in touch to talk about the opportunities and benefits available.

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Current trials

TRIO-Physio - Targeted Rehabilitation to Improve Outcome after knee replacement - A Physiotherapy Study

TRIO aims to finds out whether providing extra physiotherapy for patients struggling after their knee replacement helps them in the long run. To do this they compare two groups of patients, those receiving “extra” physiotherapy with a group doing home exercises. Questionnaires are completed by both groups throughout the year as a comparison. So far Solent has recruited 51 patients in to the study and will be open until July 2016.

Physiotherapy for Osteoporotic Vertebral Fracture

The PROVE study compares different physiotherapy treatments for patients with osteoporosis who have fractured vertebrae. After agreeing to take part in the study patients are randomly assigned to either exercise therapy, manual therapy or standard care. The physiotherapist or patient has no control over which group the patient ends up in, it is chosen by a computer with an equal chance of each treatment. Feedback from participants has been really positive.

“In the six months my activity has improved greatly. My confidence in getting about is much better.”

MOCAM - Non-specific Mechanisms in Orthodox and CAM management of back pain

The MOCAM study is funded by Arthritis Research UK and is being conducted by researchers at the University of Southampton. If you are being treated for low back pain within Solent NHS Trust you could be eligible to take part in the MOCAM study. It aims to find out what makes back pain treatments more or less successful. Participants are asked to fill in three questionnaires over the course of their treatment. The results of the study will help guide the way future treatments are delivered.