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On-going Research

UK-ROC - Cost Efficient Service Provision in Neurorehabilitation The UK specialist Rehabilitation Outcomes Collaborative (UKROC) was setup in September 2008 through a Department of Health NIHR Programme Grant to develop a national database for collating case episodes for inpatient rehabilitation. In the first 5 years it will focus on neurorehabilitation ultimately including data from all specialist neurorehabilitiation services (levels 1 & 2) across the UK
STRIMS - The Effect of Systemic Infections on Disability Progression in Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Primary progressive multiple sclerosis is untreatable. There is preclinical evidence to suggest that systemic infections may accelerate accumulation of disability. The study team proposes to investigate this in a pilot study on people with multiple sclerosis (PwMS). Thirty PwMS will be recruited and followed up for 2-5 years. During this time, infections will be recorded. Modern sensitive measures of disability progression covering the three most susceptible functional domains (gait, cognition, fatigue) will be utilized. Results from this pilot study will be used to help design a larger study. If the hypothesis is confirmed, prevention of infections and their prompt treatment would become a priority in the management of PwMS.
PDSAFE2 - A Randomised Controlled Trial of the Effectiveness of PDSAFE to Prevent Falls Among People with Parkinson’s Disease Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a common, progressive condition that affects the body’s nervous system. Over time People with Parkinson’s Disease (PwPD) are likely to become less steady, less able to move around within their homes and outside and more prone to falls. Although drugs are available to treat the symptoms of PD, reduced balance control and falls do not respond to drugs as well as some other symptoms respond. There is some evidence that physiotherapy can help but to date there are insufficient research findings to quantify the benefits for PwPD. This study is aimed at quantifying these benefits together with the costs incurred and any health service cost savings. The main question is, whether PwPD who follow PDSAFE (exercises and fall prevention strategies) fall less than those who do not during the 6 months of treatment? PDSAFE is a novel personalised treatment based on the latest published research evidence and our extensive experience of managing the movement and stability problems of PwPD
PRoBaND - Parkinson's Repository of Biosamples and Network Datasets This study will involve patients diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and close first relatives who do not have a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease but may show signs of a risk of the disease developing in later life. The study aims to better understand the reasons for variation in the symptoms and response to medication that Parkinson's disease patients frequently report. The study will link the clinical observations of variation in these features to gene tests and other laboratory measurements, to help understand mechanisms causing variation in the severity and progression rates of Parkinson's disease.