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Infection control is an important aspect of any health care system. Solent NHS Trust is committed to ensuring the highest standards in preventing the spread of infection either in a clinical setting or in the community. Studies exploring ways to maintain and improve these standards are thus an integral part of the research agenda.

On-going Research

G-TOG - Gentamicin in the Treatment of Gonorrhoea - A Randomised Controlled Trial to Compare the Clinical Effectiveness and Safety of Gentamicin and Ceftriaxone in the Treatment of Gonorrhoea Currently the antibiotic Ceftriaxone is used to treat gonorrhoea but there is increasing evidence that this antibiotic is becoming less effective over time and will stop curing patients with gonorrhoea within the next few years. Many currently available antibiotics do not work against gonorrhoea and there is an urgent need to find an alternative treatment which is effective and safe. Gentamicin which is an existing antibiotic, might be effective against gonorrhoea. Testing in the laboratory suggests that Gentamicin could be used to treat gonorrhoea, and it has been used as a treatment in some developing countries with success. This randomised study to compare the efficacy of Ceftriaxone and Gentamicin has been designed. This will assess whether Gentamicin is a safe and effective treatment for gonorrhoea.