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Clinical Academic Careers

Solent NHS Trust is keen to develop staff to be skilled both clinically and academically and is forging partnerships with local Universities to support a range of doctoral and post doctoral posts. For example, the University of Southampton, Faculty of Health Sciences in partnership with local NHS Trusts and funding from NHS South of England has established a clinical academic training scheme for nurses and allied health professionals. The scheme involves the development of a series of clinical academic roles which form a pathway beginning at Agenda for Change Band 5 and progressing through to Band 9. Clinical academic roles within the scheme allow practitioners to combine clinical practice and research roles thus providing opportunity for the development and advancement of knowledge and skills in both research and clinical practice simultaneously. The clinical academic role enables the researcher to address clinical issues identified by patients and NHS staff and ensure research findings inform clinical practice. Clinical academics can make a demonstrable impact on the quality of care and the productivity of services.

Our Ambition is to have clinical academic staff in every service area of the Trust. They are there to embed evidence based practice, support staff to get involved in research, evaluation and audit, and ensure best practice found in research outcomes are embedded into clinical delivery and patient care. We are therefore building a network across the Trust of staff who are research active, have formal clinical academic roles, are dedicated research nurses or therapists or medical staff with research roles.

We are committed to ensuring there is a career pathway for these individuals to progress clinically and academically (from Masters to post-doctoral level and beyond) and finally we are committed to ensuring the correct training opportunities are there for all staff to be clinical academics, formally or otherwise.

Please click here to view the presentation – “Clinical Academic Careers – What, Why, How?”