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About Us

Solent NHS Trust Research Department provides support for researchers and health professionals to undertake and facilitate high-quality research. We assist staff and patients before, during, and after research projects to deliver improved care and clinical outcomes.

You can contact us via if you require information on anything to do with research or evidence-based practice, including:

  • Whether your project is research
  • Setting up trials
  • Managing your research project
  • How to get involved with research
  • Carrying out your research with Solent services
  • How to get approvals
  • Support for students
  • Research methods
  • How to design a study
  • Involving patients and public
  • Reporting on recruitment
  • Training
  • Current and completed research


If you have a query about clinical audit or service evaluation please contact


Annual Report 2011/2012

Annual Report 2012/2013

Research, Service Evaluation, and Clinical Audit Strategy Version 8.1

Operational Capacity Statement 2012


Our Team:

Dr Sarah Williams - Associate Director of Research and Clinical Effectiveness

Stephanie Grist - Clinical Trials Assistant (and Admin)

Catherine Lea - Research Evaluation and Information

Gareth Edwards - Research & Outcomes Analyst

Sophie Gay - Patient and Public Involvement & Communications Officer


Research Therapists:

Chantel Ostler - Senior Physiotherapist -

Kim Brown - Senior Physiotherapist -

Emma Mcloughlin - Senior Physiotherapist –

Katie Castle - Research Physiotherapist -

Liz Ashdown - Research Physiotherapist -


Research Nurses:

Community Mental Health/Research Nurse: Sharon Simpson

[Rebecca Coates - Paediatric Research Nurse - maternity leave)]

Johanna Turpitt – Research Nurse -

Lesley-Anne Castle - Research Nurse -

Karen Ward - Research Nurse (Adult Mental Health) -

Lisa Hyatt - Research Nurse

Martina Brown - Research Nurse

Tracey Callen - Clinical Trials Assistant

Jane Whitehead - Clinical Trials Assistant


Clinical Audit and Service Evaluation:

Tracey Deadman - Clinical Audit and Service Evaluation Manager

Susan Milne - Clinical Audit Facilitator

Helen Wharam - Clinical Audit Facilitator