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Mental Health

Mental health affects us all and yet it's common for people to feel embarrassed or ashamed about it. But the stigma surrounding mental health is slowly and surely eroding away.

The 'London Marathon 2017' was sponsored by a mental health charity called 'Heads Together'. In the build-up to the event,
The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Lady Gaga talked openly about the importance of talking about our mental health and seeking support from a service like ours. Overall, the event has helped make mental health more acceptable to talk about and has hopefully encouraged more people to seek help.

We are a friendly and comforting service that offers a range of psychological treatments for a variety of mental health conditions. It takes great courage to acknowledge mental health difficulties, to speak to someone about it, and to seek support from a service like ours. Please take your time to learn more about mental health and consider how we may be able to help you.

Our service is for people aged sixteen and over who are registered with a GP in Portsmouth. We are a team of clinicians and researchers who specialise in the understanding and treatment of mental health. We provide treatment in clinics and hospitals across the city.

How do I receive support?

Please click here to refer yourself to our service.