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Download our Schools Therapy Pack

Please Note: The Solent Schools Therapy Pack is currently under review following feedback from schools and parents.
A new and improved version will be available in the Autumn Term.
You are welcome to download the existing version but might not want to print off a hard copy.
Please check back here for updates in September.

Core service

The children’s therapy team works very closely with schools in Hampshire to help support children reach their maximum potential.

We have a core commissioned service for children and young people who meet the criteria for assessment and intervention and we provide evidence-based intervention to meet their individual needs.

Training strategy

We believe in a shared responsibility and understand that no one group or professional can meet the communication, physical and functional needs of all children.

We work collaboratively to ensure that parents, practitioners, communities and staff are empowered, through consultation, coaching and mentoring, to have high aspirations and expectations and support children to maximise their potential.

We support the children’s workforce to establish ‘communication friendly’ settings and schools where intervention is as least restrictive as possible and provided within the child’s natural environment by those who know the child best.

We recognise that quality universal provision must be in place to support targeted and specialist input.

Our training is structured to be flexible, responsive and graduated from universal to specialist to ensure that intervention is as timely as possible – when needed, rather than at set ages and stages.

Universal level

We provide an in-service training package which supports staff in educational settings to deliver ‘Quality First Teaching’. We support colleagues in health and education to inform and empower parents to provide language rich environments which support the functional and physical development of all children.

Enhanced level

We offer a range of targeted workshops which give theoretical understanding and practical suggestions for supporting children with identified needs.

Specialist level

We support the continual professional development needs of the wider workforce by offering further bespoke training opportunities through consultation, courses, coaching and mentoring in the workplace as required.

For further information and practical ideas to help support children in your school please refer to our Schools Therapy Resource Pack


Additional therapy services available for commissioning

Many settings would welcome access to additional levels of therapy support from Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy.

The Children’s Therapy Service can provide therapy services to schools, school clusters, pre-schools and other organisations that are separately commissioned.

If you would like any further information about the courses and opportunities we offer or details about additional commissioned services, please contact us on 0300 300 2019 or email